6 Tips For Decorating Small Room Spaces



A small living area can leave your interior decor dreams in a real lull. You want bring your  personality into your space, but you’re afraid it may cramp the room. You would love to sectionalise your floor space, but it may end up becoming a cluttered living room. What if we told you decorating a small room without scampering for space? All it takes is a little tweak here and a little nudge there to make your decor dream a reality! After all, why should small spaces compromise on style? Check out our top 6 hacks to add personality to your small room. No, you don’t need to break the bank for these ideas – you do need to break the mindset of small is scarce! 


Explore Vertical Storage

Use the height of your room to your advantage by creating the illusion of space vertically. Go for even toned storage cabinets matching the colour of your walls just below your ceiling. Chances are, none of yours guests will even notice these meticulously camouflaged cabinets that can meet a large chunk of your storage needs. 


If you’re sorted from a storage perspective, cash in on your tall walls by decorating vertically with ladder gardens, paintings or bookshelves. High ceilings can be used effectively to give the illusion of space by having suspended lighting features. Choose a compact chandelier, or an antique industrial design light to go with the decor theme of your home. 


Mirror MirrorOn The Wall

You’ve probably seen this tip all over in print and in action, but we just can’t reiterate it enough. There’s nothing quite like a strategically placed mirror to throw open the illusion of space. If you’re looking for options to make the mirror work for you, here are a couple of ways you can blend it right into your living area. You could either clad an entire wall or a dividing wall with tiled mirrors. If your room has a mantel shelf, hang a gorgeous antique framed mirror above it to double it up as a decor piece. Go with mirror clad storage cabinets along your entertainment unit or dining area for an alternative take on this interior design classic. 



Sofa Your Way To Space

Some simple sofa tricks can make your restricted room seem a lot larger than it actually is. First up, let’s swear to never push a sofa against a wall in a bid to clear up some space. Having a passageway at the back of a sofa gives the illusion of a larger area. Secondly, don’t hesitate to go in for a custom made sofa if your living room demands so. A semi-circular nook can be utilised well with a couch what slots itself right in. If your flooring has an extension that closes off into a French window, why not place a chaise lounge along the window to enjoy your evening views? Remember, you don’t have to stick to convention. Play your seating arrangements to suit your space. 


Thirdly, you don’t want to load up your choice with excessive cushions or accents. That’s only going to come across more cluttered and restrained. Invest in a couple of well-curated accent cushions that can be thrown around to suit all your furniture pieces. 


And lastly, if you just don’t see how you can fit in a couch, give it a miss. Opt for a set of club chairs instead, that can be angled strategically to give the illusion of space. Accent Furniture like a wingback chair or the good old chesterfield chair won’t let you miss your couch while scoring full points on comfort and poise! 


Make Earthy Colours Your Ally

Give those dark walls a miss if your living space is compact. Rather, opt for light and airy colours that give an impression of brightness and serenity. While there’s nothing quite elegant like a white on white room, with white walls and white furniture, you don’t have to restrict your options to white. Tan, sky blue, grey or even a soft salmon pink wall can make a world of difference to your small space. There are plenty of wallpaper options for a small living room in this family of light colours that lend a chic touch to your home.


The bonus of going with light walls is that you can play with wall hangings and art to add a splash of colour in your living area. The range of choice for your couch is also widened, with abstract suede prints of even bright leather sofas blending in seamless with neutral toned walls. 


Concise Your Entertainment Unit

Most of your furniture and coffee tables are centred facing it entertainment unit. While you maintain the theme of your decor across all your fixtures including your TV unit, it’s important to try and concise it when working with limited floor space. 


If your living room has an odd extension area, utilize this extended space to slot a corner TV unit. You use up this added space in the most practical way without it sticking out like a sore thumb. Go for a design that offers concealed storage to put away your gaming consoles, wires, books and DVDs. Shelves without shutters give the impression of a lot going on, and make a small area seem even more congested. 


With the work from home culture funding a permanent preference in our lives, you entertainment unit could double up as a makeshift work desk for you in your living room. Its the most handy spot to work in, while you can get errands done around the house. Invest in a proportionate working chair that matches with your TV unit, so your interior decor theme isn’t disturbed with the addition of your work chair. 



Throw Your Home Open To Natural Light

There’s no surprises here. Using natural light sources and opening up the drapes, windows or curtains in your living space gives the illusion of space. A dingy room seems more cramped and enclosed than well-lit one with plenty of sunlight streaming through. 


If you do lack multiple natural light sources in a room, negate the absence of sunlight with plenty of artificial light sources. Go with accent lighting options that also double up as decor pieces in your living room, reducing the need to introduce and spend on artifacts. Go with a blend of ceiling fixtures, table lights, ambient lights or even accent light pieces on your wall. 


We hope you use these simple and effective methods to make your small living space larger than life!

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