6 Essential Boiler Maintenance Tips



Boilers are an essential part of an elegant household. Therefore, maintaining the boilers and looking after them is the only way to save yourself and your family from discomfort. Inefficient boilers are not only costly to repair, but they can also pose serious health threats to your family. Do you want to know about easy-to-follow tips that can help you keep your boiler running correctly? Keep reading!

Yearly Service

Being a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all things are running correctly. However, the best way to ensure their performance is by servicing them every year when it comes to boilers. A Gas Safe Engineer can help you with the boiler service. However, if your boiler is out of order, you can install a new one by contacting This website for a quick boiler replacement service.

Check For Leakages

An essential part of the boiler operation is the continuous supply of water. If water is leaking from one of the boiler pipes, it is a sign of improper operation of a boiler. Most of the time, water leaks from the external pipe of the boiler that is also known as the overflow pipe. Remember that the leakage in the boiler may lead to severe damage. Keep checking your boiler and contact a local heating engineer to fix the leakage.

Lagging Your Boiler Pipes

Lagging is a DIY thing that allows you to add insulation to the boiler pipes. These laggings prevent your boiler pipes from freezing in the winter. Another use of the laggings is that they enable the exposed pipes to retain the heat inside them. Absence of lagging on your pipes can lead your boiler to a breakdown in most cases. So ensure that lagging is present in the boiler pipes.

Ventilate Your Boiler

Boilers don’t need ventilation to continue their work. However, when boilers work, they need some space to send out all the extra gases. Therefore, you have to ensure that the flue of the boiler is located outside your home. You can also ensure extra safety by removing any coats or clothes hanging on your boiler.

Checking The Boiler’s Flame

The blue flame in your boiler indicates that it is working correctly. The yellow or orange colour in the flame means that it is not combusting the gases properly. Ensuring the flame’s blue color is also necessary from the safety viewpoint as it can represent the leakage of carbon monoxide. Contact your nearest Gas Safe Engineer if the color of the flame is not blue.

The Radiator

Proper operation of the radiator is essential for the working of your boiler. Dust buildup in the radiator often makes it hot at the top and cold at the bottom. Debris in the boiler means that it is going to consume more energy to work properly. Powerflush can clean the radiator and make it work properly.


Ensuring the boiler’s proper working and checking it is necessary for your safety. Ensure to follow the points mentioned above for your maximum comfort all year long!

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