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Renovation works of any kind can be stressful. When it comes to the bathroom—from the mirror to the grout—the process can be time-consuming, and the price can be pretty surprising at times. Every little detail (read more) must be considered when designing a restroom, especially if the space is limited in size. However, among a slew of tasks, it is essential to have a hyper-functional and safe space. At the same time, practicality and, ideally, you would want to get a good appearance for your comfort room.


A bathroom renovation does not always imply tearing down and rebuilding it from the ground up. Of course, you have the option to, but it all depends on what you want to achieve and, more importantly, the budget. Read on as we list down four simple tips for your next renovation.


  1. Multi-Use Space

Even though the bath space is one of the smallest rooms in our house, it is one of the most frequently used rooms. From your morning shower to your evening skincare routine, it must literally have all the essentials and furniture that we can actually use. However, it is difficult to decorate because of the limited square footage, natural light, and many fixtures crammed into a small space.


You can look out for some bathroom trends like floating vanities, vertical cabinets, high shelving units, and a lot more. When it comes to space-saving ideas, they are most likely easy to install anywhere in your restroom. Make sure not to compromise the space by keeping all your necessities in one place neatly, and make sure not to put too much clutter. Like any other room in your house, your bathroom must also be functional. These two also some necessities you shouldn’t overlook:




This has various uses in a bathroom, from checking out your appearance to applying your skincare or makeup. But beyond utility, its use goes much further than that. In fact, the presence of a mirror is the key to making a bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors create an illusion of more space with their optical illusion and light refraction. At the same time, it adds light and style that makes the space appear more stylish and spacious.


Put it above a sink, and it will give the space depth. Or, if your restroom has a window, place the mirror on the opposite wall from the window to maximize light. This will double the amount of space available and give the impression of a larger area.


Trash Can

Having a trash can next to your toilet or sink, no matter the size is essential for hygiene and sanitation. It’s always convenient to have a trash can in place whenever you discard tissues or any feminine products. Do yourself a favor and line the trash can with a trash bag so that the inside does not become contaminated.


Whether intentional or not, flushing items down your toilet instead of proper disposal can result in significant problems like a clogged pipe. Things such as plastic, cardboard, or any regular paper do not degrade, thus accumulating within, over time.



Be sure to store your basic necessities like tissues, sanitary pads, toothpaste, etc., on an organizer. Think about using tiered storage bins and cubbies to keep frequently used items close at hand while keeping the space clean and tidy. Not to mention, toiletries may eventually become clutter, too, so make sure not to store unnecessary stuff in your bathroom. You can just fill it up after.


  1. Getting Plumbing Services

Before making any bathroom renovation, it is essential to have your plumbing checked because there’s more to bathroom renovation than just touching up the space’s appearance. It is critical to thoroughly inspect your existing plumbing system for any early signs of trouble — plumbing issues such as leaking toilets or sinks that drain slowly, for example.


While replacing all of the fixtures in a bathroom may appear easy, several subtleties to consider can result in problems if not appropriately addressed. For any bathroom remodeling project, plumbers from Armstrong Bros Plumbing ensure that the project will be completed in a safe, timely, and correct manner. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with a leaking pipe and swamped home, especially when it can all be avoided by consulting your plumbing first.


  1. Good Lighting

It is essential to get a good lighting plan with ample light placed where it is needed for bathroom lighting. You’ll use your bathroom as a place to begin and end your day, so you’ll need to make sure that the lighting is appropriate for daily rituals such as shaving, makeup routine, and hair care.


For example, fixtures or vanity lights should be mounted on either the side of the mirror or on the mirror’s surface— 36 to 40 inches apart. It should also be roughly fixed at an eye level to avoid shadows under the chin, eyes, and cheeks, making daily grooming rituals difficult.


  1. Budget Plan

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you can undertake. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a bathroom remodel in April 2020 is approximately $10,911. A high-end remodel of a large or master bathroom could cost up to $25,000 or more in materials and labor.


However, if those figures are out of reach for your financial situation that does not imply that you must continue to use your dingy, out-of-date bathroom indefinitely. There are a variety of low-cost options (link: https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/mortgages/bathroom-remodel-costs) for updating a bathroom’s appearance. Make sure to plan ahead of your bathroom remodeling, as changing plans halfway would cost you more.


Typically, the budget may vary depending on your bathroom’s size. For best budgeting, it is essential to consult a professional for your inquiries about costs and see if the renovation you want is possible to work with your planned budget. Also, you can visit stores on-site or online for the price range of materials to be used.

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