5 Things To Check Before Hiring A Garage Door Repair Company



If your garage door panel is starting to crack, is out of alignment, or the opener struggles to operate when you open or close the door, these are warning signals that will likely lead to premature garage door repair services. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait for the door or opener to fail before looking for a garage door repair company.

Hiring a service provider in haste can put your home at risk the when considering the quality of repair. If you look online, you will find a plethora of companies offering garage door opener repair, opener installation, and spring repair services. Unfortunately, many of them are not competent enough to handle the job perfectly.

So, it pays to pick the tell-tale signs and start looking for a reputable home improvement company.

Here are 5 useful tips to help you choose the best service provider.

#1. Get Several Bids From Multiple Garage Door Repair Companies


Don’t go with the first company that offers you a seemingly decent quote. When you have to get work done, it is wise to get multiple bids so that you have a fair idea of the current market rate for the job. This will help you choose a better deal.

Please remember that the cheapest option is not always the best and sometimes you may need to pay more to avoid unwanted harassment and poor quality service. Here are important parameters to compare the services of garage door repair companies:

How long have they been in business?
Do they offer a warranty on their garage repair or installation services?
Do they have reliable 24/7 service support?
Do they sub-contract work or have employees working for their company?
Do they have a professional team of technicians in uniforms?
Do they have their own company vehicle to quickly arrive at the site?

#2. Do Some Research For Which Repair Service Is Best

Before choosing a garage door supplier for opener installation and repair services, make sure you gather all the critical information about them.

Firstly, look for the physical address because any reputable company listed online will have a proper office with staff. You can look them up on Google Map to verify the address. 

Secondly, if they don’t offer a physical address, check for a website.  A reputable garage door repair company will definitely have one. Look for a website that is professionally presented. If the company has no website, this may be a red flag.

Thirdly, look for online customer reviews to see what people are saying about the company and its services. It might bring up some negative reviews that are not covered in the website.

These simple checks will give you an idea of a company’s reputation and how they are viewed in the industry. 

#3. BBB Ratings for Garage Door Repair Companies


A company may earn different types of certifications and ratings, but the BBB or Better Business Bureau is considered as the most reliable standard in the industry. Go to the BBB site and enter the name of the Ypsilanti company to get reviews, complaints, and ratings.

If a company has been accredited for several years and has a solid rating, you can go ahead and hire their services with confidence. However, if a company is not accredited at all or has a poor rating, you may want to think twice before working with them.

#4. Red Flags To Avoid When looking for an Alpharetta service provider to spring repair your garage door or install an opener, you must check for these red flags.

If you see a company advertising excessively then this may be a cause for concern. They may be trying to cover up a negative reputation with the flashy advertisement. Furthermore, the company may try to cover its advertising expenses by charging high for their services.

When there are multiple names, and phone numbers for the same company, chances are they are trying to hide their true identity. Such companies are not reliable and they usually don’t sustain for long. If you get a weird feeling after talking to a company’s repairman on phone or meeting him person, trust your gut and avoid the company. A professional repairman from a reputed company will make you feel at ease.

#5. Ask For Recommendations

If you know a friend, neighbor or relative who has recently got a garage-door work done, ask them for recommendations. They will share their unbiased reviews and experiences as they don’t want to damage their relationship with you. Furthermore, they are not commissioned to favor a company so there’s no reason to provide false information.

Their past experience can help you choose a reputable garage door opener repair, opener installation, or spring repair company near you.

They can also help you keep away from the fraudsters. When it comes to your home improvement projects, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you look into these 5 important things before hiring a garage door repair company.

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