5 Small But Highly Effective Ways to Dress a Home Impressively


If you want your home to look great, you might assume that this requires a lot of time and money to get right.

The reality is that even small aesthetic touches can make a big difference to its impact, and if saleability is at the forefront of your mind, the following tips will be sure to wow would-be buyers, rather than leaving them feeling cold.

Strategically Place Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to dress up any room and make it look larger, without requiring larger renovations. Strategically placed around the home, they can really enhance an interior design by reflecting light and adding depth.

Whether you decide to hang them in small clusters or install one large statement piece, mirrors will give your space an inviting atmosphere that is sure to impress guests. You don’t need expensive pieces either, so consider looking for some vintage finds at flea markets or second-hand stores if your budget is limited.

Change Up the Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room, so it’s important to get this element right. Consider changing up your lighting fixtures and installing dimmers for added flexibility in mood-setting. You could also use various lamps throughout the home, including on-trend floor, table and wall lamps, to create an inviting ambience that will draw people in.

If you really want to turn heads with your interior design prowess, try using accent lights on art pieces or other decorative elements around the space.

Add High-Quality Art to the Walls for a Sophisticated Touch

Speaking of art, adding quality pieces to your walls is an easy way to give any space a stylish and sophisticated look.

From abstract paintings to more traditional works, there are endless options for making your room stand out.

Investing in high-quality art pieces can also increase the value of your home over time, so don’t be afraid to splurge on something special. You’ll find all sorts of options at online art galleries like Singulart and benefit from having access to unique works, rather than making do with common reproductions.

When selecting artwork, think about how it ties into other elements throughout the house, as well as its size relative to furniture and other decor items. This will ensure a balanced design aesthetic.

Get Creative with Colorful Pillows and Rugs for Visual Interest

Tossing in some colorful pillows and laying down an attractive rug or two can instantly transform the look of even the most straight-laced room. Though these accessories may seem like small touches, they can really bring life into an otherwise dull space.

Pillows are great for adding visual interest, while also providing comfort when lounging or entertaining guests. Meanwhile brightly colored area rugs in fun patterns can make your floor stand out, while still staying practical, as they’ll protect the floors from wear-and-tear as well.

Choose Eye-Catching Window Treatments to Frame Each View

It’s not just how your home looks from the inside that matters, but how you frame the view out of whatever windows are available in each room.

Whether you opt for curtains, blinds or shutters, aim to choose something that will draw attention without taking away from other elements of the decor.

Natural materials like wood and bamboo are great for bringing warmth into space, while metallic accents can make it look modern and chic. Think about the age of the property as well, and what lies beyond the window, in terms of picking styles, colors and patterns.

Final Thoughts

Dressing your home, whether you’re thinking about selling soon or just want to get your guests talking, doesn’t have to cost the earth or monopolize all of your time. It’s just a case of working with what you’ve got, and knowing that these small changes are out there if you want to embrace them.

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