5 Repairs and Upgrades to Consider Before Putting Your Home on the Market


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Whether you’re a homeowner or you make money by fixing and selling property, there’s one common denominator as far as your profitability is concerned. Certain repairs and upgrades can increase the value of the home or property you wish to sell and even help reduce the time it stays listed for sale.

But even then, you have to be incredibly smart not to end up doing an overhaul remodel that won’t necessarily fetch as much as you’d want.

With this in mind, here are some upgrades and repairs you may want to consider before listing your home for sale.

1. Curb Appeal? Updating Your Home’s Exterior 

If your home’s exterior is looking a bit drab and dated, potential buyers may not notice it. And even if you ace it on online promotions or place the best photos of the property, those who get impressed online might not want to pursue their interests after viewing the property personally.

In other words, updating the exterior is always essential if you plan to sell a home. For instance, upgrading the siding, trim, and landscaping can drastically improve the overall look of your house, giving it an instant facelift that will make a great first impression and increase its value.

Also, think of replacing broken windows if any, adding a fresh coat of paint to aged woodwork or siding, alongside updating pathways and outdoor lighting with energy-efficient models.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that little details matter too: you don’t have to go overboard on each aspect but making sure all work complements one another will result in a much more inviting exterior.

2. Repair or Consider Getting a New Roof 

A good roof is often an important factor when it comes to deciding whether to purchase a home, so one of the best investments you can make before listing your property is getting yours inspected and fixed – or replaced if necessary.

A new roof not only increases a property’s value significantly but helps reduce any concerns buyers may have about water damage or structural issues in the future. If you ask the likes of Roof Squad, a renowned provider of New Orleans roofing services for more than two decades, they’ll tell you one thing for sure. Professional roof replacement can reduce the amount of time your home spends on the market when selling!

Also, the investment will potentially save you money over time since; it won’t need to be repaired or inspected until after the closing day.

3. Freshen Up With Fresh Paint Inside And Out 

A fresh coat of paint is among the best ways to update a room or an entire home without too much hassle or expense. Before potential buyers come for viewing, make sure to get rid of tired wallpaper and brighten up living spaces by painting walls and trim in a neutral color that adds light without being overbearing.

A new lick of paint can breathe new life into your home’s every room. It can also help make the property’s exterior more attractive to potential buyers, thus increasing the chances that your home will fetch more from the market if beautifully painted.

Combined with switching out any old doors for more modern ones, repainting the front door, or even painting the rocks along your outdoor walk path – these updates will make your home look much more refreshed, inviting, and desirable if done creatively.

4. Spruce up Bathrooms and Kitchens to Boost Value 

Bathroom and kitchen updates may sound like a lot of jobs, but it is actually not that expensive or time-consuming (depending on the scope of work). Freshen up outdated cabinets with new hardware, replace appliances if necessary, or just give them a deep clean.

Update faucets if needed. Even things as small as switching out light fixtures can make for an entirely different look. All in all, updating these rooms will help your home stand out from the competition and increase its value in buyers’ eyes. 

If you don’t have the budget to redo entire kitchens or bathrooms, a less time-consuming option might be adding mirrors or an accent tile to the walls in these rooms…. small changes like this can go a long way!

5. Landscaping For a First Impression That Lasts 

First impressions count and you want to leave a good one with potential buyers, so don’t overlook the importance of landscaping. A well-maintained yard instantly catches someone’s eye and says “This house is taken care of.”

Even if your ultimate goal isn’t to transform it into an award-winning garden setting, taking some time to tidy it up will make things look much more visually appealing from the get-go.

Some ideas could include pruning back overgrown shrubs, adding fresh flowers or shaped hedges around pathways, plus incorporating low-maintenance greenery such as rocks, mulch, or perennials.

Ultimately, the decision to put your house up for sale is a big one. And whether you’re moving to a different place, want to downsize, or simply need the money for another important goal, one thing’s for sure. Repairs and updates can have a huge impact on how much you get from your sale, so be smart in your decisions for the coming few days, weeks, or months!

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