5 Reasons to Consider Investing in a Teak Outdoor Furniture Set



Of all the types of outdoor available out there, teak outdoor furniture is one of the most popular options. But why is that? Is teak furniture really worth the investment, or is it just pure hype? And is it even a good idea to spend a lot on outdoor furniture?

To answer those questions, let’s go over some of the reasons why teak is so popular for outdoor furniture sets. And why people decide to make this investment.

1 – Great looks

One of the main selling points of teak as a material for outdoor furniture is the material’s signature look. Premium teak, when well maintained, has a dark and rich texture that looks very appealing. Whether it’s on a chair, a table, or a patio deck, teak can create a timeless look.

Another advantage of teak is that — like many other types of wood — the material can look very different depending on how it is treated. Take a look at the collections found on TeakHQ.com, for example, and you’ll see that teak can look much lighter or darker depending on how it’s treated.

Teak also tends to get a lighter, faded look if it doesn’t receive proper maintenance. If you saw teak furniture at a friend’s house and it looked terrible, it’s good to keep in mind that it only takes maintenance once a year to prevent that issue.

2 – Durability

Outdoor furniture needs to be sturdy enough to withstand both regular use and the fury of the elements. And teak has an excellent track record handling both. It can go through snow, rain, scorching days, and freezing nights without warping or cracking.

This durability is one of the reasons why you see so many old and terrible-looking pieces of teak furniture out there. The material is so sturdy that it can last 40+ years outdoors with zero maintenance. This is great news if you rather never need to clean or treat your teak furniture in any way.

With proper care, however, teak can last even longer and keep looking great while at it. There are plenty of videos out there of old teak furniture being restored, and the results are always spectacular.

3 – Minimal maintenance

While lots of different types of wood can be used outdoors, many of them require regular maintenance to prevent warping. That is not a problem with teak, as mentioned in the previous point.

The main reason to maintain teak is to preserve its looks. And that can be done by oiling the wood every six months or so. It’s not a complicated process, and the materials needed are fairly inexpensive.

4 – Increase sale value

If you’re planning to sell your house in the near future, investing in an outdoor furniture set can be a good idea. Home buyers love seeing a landscaped and furnished outdoor area. And they’ll love it even more if they know that the furniture is all made from teak. Even people who know nothing about different hardwoods know that teak is one of the good ones.

A new outdoor furniture set may not drive the sale value of the house enough to run you a profit. But it can help the house sell faster. And you’ll get to enjoy the furniture set before you put the house up for sale.

5 – Enjoy the outdoors

What better way to encourage you and your family to spend more time outside than to invest in better outdoor furniture? Whether you’d like a place to have meals with the family, somewhere to entertain guests, or just a quiet place outdoors where you can sit and read, outdoor furniture can help provide all of that and more.

It is easy to underestimate how useful outdoor furniture can be until you’ve had your own. If you are not sure how much the furniture will be used, start small. Get one or two couches or lounging chairs first. Once you see that your family is using those, you can expand your outdoor set.

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