5 Reasons Keep the Cool in Your Home



Keeping your home cool during the summer months in Australia is no easy feat. Down here Down Under, the sun’s rays are intense! This means that you need options for keeping your home a comfortable refuge from the weather. Getting aircon installation means that you’ll be keeping your home cool as well as reaping other benefits.


Different Types of Cooling Systems

Whether you only have a couple of small rooms in your home that need air conditioning, or you need to keep a large area cool all the time, there’s an option for you. You can use a split system (working on the outside and inside of your home) for small spaces or a ducted system that conditions your entire house. You can even have the best of both worlds by choosing a reverse cycle aircon installation that works for your entire home but that can be programmed to only cool certain areas, or zones, at a time.


Stylish Design

No matter what you choose, Daikin designs will blend seamlessly into your home. Split systems are sleek and compact, not taking up a lot of space or becoming an eyesore. If you choose to go with a whole-home installation, the pieces are designed to fit into small areas in your attic or ceiling while being light and easy to manoeuvre, so the installation isn’t a hassle.


Smart Controllers

If you have an air conditioner installed in your home, you want your space to be nice and comfortable the moment you walk in the door. This means you’ll need a smart remote enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity… and all our systems have this! You can program your home’s (or zone’s) temperature from wherever you are and look forward to walking into that nice, cool air you deserve.


Support Your Community

All systems sold at Supacool are Australian-made. This means you’re supporting jobs in your community and putting your money back into your local economy.


Energy-Efficient Purification

You’ll be keeping the air in your home safe and comfortable while doing good for the planet. Whether you’re humidifying, dehumidifying, or cooling, you can rest assured that these systems are the most efficient ones available.

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