5 options to get rid of your old furniture


Finding a solution to what to do with old furniture is a not very pleasant challenge. Whether you just have a sofa to remove or some oversized furniture you will need to think long and hard in both cases. Donating or selling your furniture would keep them away from the landfill. However, hiring experts in this field would save you a lot of time and stress for removing a single item or a large amount of furniture.



Anyway, the best option depends on the condition of your furniture and local disposal regulations. In the list below you will have the opportunity to read some of the most common ways of removing furniture.


   1.   Sell your old furniture.

If your furniture is in good condition you can contact a local reseller to sell it. An old item can be valuable to someone. There are thousands of classified websites out there with people looking to buy. If this does not work try to sell through your social media.


   2.   Arrange a rubbish removal service.

To make things easier you can have someone else take care of your old furniture. This means furniture removal in London from experts in this field. They know better than us what to do with old or broken items. All you have to do is contact a rubbish removal company and agree on a price and a convenient schedule.


   3.   Donate items in good condition.

In some cases, you might have to haul your old furniture to a drop-off location just to donate it. Donating furniture in good condition can make a huge difference for someone in need. Contact local shelters, furniture banks, or larger organizations. For example, you can donate some of them to the British red cross.


   4.   Drive it to a recycling centre.

Sending old furniture to a recycling bin is never a bad idea, it is not only an opportunity to get rid of your old furniture but it is also environmentally friendly. If you have the tools and time needed, you can break down your already broken furniture and get the parts to be recycled. Materials such as wood, springs, metal parts, foam, fibres, and fabric can all usually be hauled to your local recycling depot.


   5.   Council waste collection.


Usually, the local council has a set day for your rubbish disposal. When it comes to removing heavy waste such as furniture it is necessary to consult with them for this service and book in advance (eight weeks is the number given in many cases). Although the service is excellent you will need to take care of disassembling the furniture and it is also advisable not to have glass or mirrors on them.

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