5 Crucial Considerations When Buying Home Replacement Windows


Congratulations! You’re buying replacement windows for your home! You’re savvy enough to see that your old windows aren’t doing a very good job any longer. You have identified the need for new windows. But now what? Let us make the decision-making process a little easier for you with this guide, 5 crucial considerations when buying home replacement windows.

Buying home replacement windows:

Consideration 1: Energy Efficiency
First off, look at the energy efficiency of the replacement windows that you’re considering. Because there is a large range of windows on the market, this is an important factor. It determines how much money you’ll save on your energy bill once you’ve invested in replacement windows.

That sounds complex, but it’s simple once you know what to look for. Window manufacturers place a sticker on their windows. Look for an indication on the upper left-hand corner of the sticker that states “NFRC Certified.” This means the window manufacturer is licensed and his windows meet national quality standards. Next, look for the “U-factor” or “U-value” which indicates the product’s insulating quality. These numbers will range from .20 to 1.20, and the lower the number, the better the insulation.

While there are other factors on the sticker, these are the two priorities that you need to know. When in doubt, ask for professional advice.

Consideration 2: Architectural Design
Replacement windows present you a once in a lifetime opportunity to give your home a facelift and increase curb appeal.

If you want to amp up the overall appearance of your home’s exterior, this is the chance to go for it! A large picture window can become a show-stopping bay window. You can go from a plain 4-pane look to a more substantial looking 6-pane window.

The options with replacement windows are almost limitless. This is your chance to make your house to be the stand-out house on your block.

Consideration 3: Professional Installation or DIY?
While the big box home improvement stores will assure you that you can install your own windows, I’m here to tell you the hard truth. It’s too big a job for most homeowners. It’s a big job and requires above average carpentry skills and experience. The windows are heavy and one little slip can cost you hundreds of dollars and leave your dreams of a successful DIY project shattered. Pardon the pun.

Professional installation is definitely the way to go for this type of project. Professional window installers have the tools, experience, and know-how to do this big job. When they encounter an unexpected problem, say a rot that extends from the window frame into the exterior sheathing, they know how to fix it.

I bet the guy at the home improvement store didn’t warn you about that, did he?

Consideration 4: Type of Windows
There are many different types of replacement windows. From deciding on low-maintenance vinyl frames to period-correct wood frames to choosing between double-hung windows to casement windows, there are various factors.

These are too numerous to list every type in this short post, but a professional window company will be able to guide you on what type of windows you need.

Consideration 5: Warranty
Like any major purchase, you’ll want to check out the warranty on your new windows. Not all warranties are equal. Read carefully, looking at three factors that affect your warranty.

  •  What is the term (length) of the window warranty?
  •  Which window parts are covered by the warranty?
  •  If I sell my home, does the warranty transfer to the new owner?

In addition, you should ask your installer if he offers an installation warranty on his work.

Rest assured that you’re taking the first steps to making a smart purchase. You are doing your homework, asking questions, and looking at all the factors that go into investing in replacement windows. Think about these 5 considerations and keep them in mind as you make your final purchasing decision.

Author Bio:

Guest post provided by Matt Rotondi of Zen Windows of Boston. A native Bostonian, Matt is dedicated to great customer service and finds it rewarding when homeowners love their new windows. When he’s not working, Matt spends time with his wife and three kids.

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