5 Considerations When Building a Home in London, Ontario



London, Ontario, is getting a lot of attention right now. You might move to a house there if you like what you see from this charming community, but you can also hire a company to build a home for you. If you do, you can create your dream home because you can design the whole setup from scratch.

If you go this route, you should keep a few considerations in mind. We’ll talk about some of those right now.

How Many Vehicles You Have

If you talk to a London home builder about your dream home, they will likely ask you many questions. For instance, they might want to know what square footage works best for you. They may ask you about the aesthetics, building materials, and much more.

They will also probably ask you about how many vehicles you own. Since you’re building a house based on your particular lifestyle, you can also design a garage to accommodate your family’s needs.

Maybe you have a spouse or partner, and you both drive to and from work most days. Perhaps you have some adult children living with you who also have cars, or you have teenagers rapidly approaching driving age, and you know you’ll get them vehicles sooner or later.

You might ask the home builder to draw up some suitable garage plans as well. Maybe you’ll go with a two-car garage, but you might also get a three or four-car garage if you have the money and the vehicles that necessitate that.

How Many Bedrooms You Want

You will want to talk to the home builder about how many bedrooms you need. You probably want enough for each person in the family to have one. Since you’re designing your dream home, you likely want enough space for each person so they can feel comfortable.

You might also think about whether you like to have company over often, though. Perhaps you have some family members who live close by, and you know they like to come over to visit sometimes. Maybe you have close family friends who often come over, and you want some extra bedrooms with space for them.

You can make your home seem more inviting with extra bedrooms. Maybe you don’t have company over very much, so you don’t feel they’re necessary. Think about your lifestyle before you talk to the house’s builder about this.

How Many Bathrooms You Want

Since you’re creating your dream home, you can also decide how many bathrooms you want. Many families look for homes and want enough bathrooms, so the whole family does not have to share. Some people try their best to move out of apartment situations because they don’t want to share a single bathroom anymore.

You don’t necessarily need one bathroom for each family member, but most people want multiple full bathrooms in their dream home. Full bathrooms feature showers or tubs as well as toilets.

You will likely want a master bedroom with a bathroom right next to it. The term “master bedroom” means one with an adjoining bathroom.

Most people feel like they want that bathroom right next door that they can use during the night. You can also take the time to talk to the designer about the right backsplash and other bathroom features that will make it uniquely your own. You can speak to them about the aesthetics once you settle on the number and location.

The Closet Space

When most people design their dream home, they want to have plenty of space. They might ask for a workout room where they’ll feature a treadmill, some free weights, a yoga mat, and other equipment. Some will ask for a study where they can set up a desk, computer, and anything else they need to work from home.

Some people buy homes based partially on closet space, though. If you move into a house and have an extensive wardrobe, but you don’t have anywhere to put all your clothing, you might feel sad about that.

You can ask the home’s designer to add extra closet space if you have a large wardrobe. You might ask for walk-in closets to accommodate yourself and a spouse or partner.

You might attach a sizeable closet to the master bedroom, or you can put it elsewhere. You can talk to the designer about that and see if they have ideas if you can’t come up with a suitable plan yourself.

The Kitchen

For many families, kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. Since you’re designing your dream home in London, you can have as many bathrooms as you like, assuming you have enough money. You can also instruct the designer regarding what kind of kitchen you want.

Most people want large, modern kitchens. Some might want an island or an attached breakfast nook that gets sunlight in the mornings. You can sit there and sip your tea or coffee as you get ready to start the day.

If you like to cook, you’ll probably want all the latest gadgets in the kitchen. You’ll want attractive lighting and perhaps a garbage disposal under the sink. You might want a range hood with an exhaust fan and a convection oven.

You will also want to choose backsplash that appeals to your particular sensibilities. Maybe you’ll get some with copper accents or something equally eye-catching.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to cook very much, you might not feel like you need a huge kitchen with every conceivable modern touch. Perhaps you plan to microwave a meal every night. You’ll have much simpler kitchen needs.

You can talk to the home’s designer about all of that, and they can come up with some plans that should appeal to you. If you see anything that doesn’t work for you, you can talk to them about it, and they can change it. If you’re paying for this home, it should match your vision exactly.

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