5 Backyard Renovations That Increase Your Home Value


When it comes to home renovations, whether you admit it or not, the backyard is the least thing that you consider when it comes to home renovations. Although it’s true that the interior is what the potential buyers primarily look for, you might be missing out on big money by overlooking backyard makeovers.

Renovating your backyard expands your home value in a way that it increases the amount of money you can regain from other house renovations. Whether your backyard is small or big, needs less or more intense modernization, the five tips below will help you furnish the look of your back porch, thus, eventually increasing your home’s value.

     1.     Outdoor Seating Area

Everybody loves a porch in the backyard, may it be grand or simple. Normally, the backyard is where people gather and throw small celebrations. It’s also a place where one just sits down and ponders on some things in life. So, building a seating area on it would really be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

Along with the seating area, spice it up by including a stone fire pits. You may DIY your fire pit, but if you don’t know where to start, you can always ask help from a contractor to build it for you. Nothing’s more enjoyable than roasting marshmallows and exchanging stories around the fire. An outdoor seating area with a fire pit won’t just entice potential buyers, but will also give you at least a 60% return on investment.

     2.     Landscape

Landscape is usually found in the front yard, but, ideally, it should go around the entire parameters of the house, up to the backyard. A properly maintained landscape doesn’t only improve the exteriors of your home, but it may boost a positive aura that refreshes your mind, enough to make your days a little better.

Upgrading your landscape includes the arrangement of different sets of beautiful plants and flowers. It may also include a natural flagstone walkway, stone planters, a mini bridge, and a fountain, if you desire to.

     3.     Outdoor Living Space

Being caged inside your house could, sometimes, be boring. You need fresh air, a freeing environment, and a view that’s different from what you’re used to witnessing inside your home. Building an outdoor living space would be the best thing that you could have since it manifests smart use of resources, as well as it adds intricate features in the entire house.

Buyers are mostly looking for a backyard where they could use it as an extension of their home, and creating a living space is the most efficient way. An outdoor living space could include couches and small tables under a shade, as well as an outdoor kitchen, which is perfect for fancy outdoor grills. However, this idea might require an enormous amount of effort, but it’ll be a worthwhile investment that can add value to your home.

     4.     Rainwater Recycling System

Renovating efforts aren’t merely for increasing the aesthetic value of the place, but you may also incorporate projects, like conservation efforts, to make the area sustainable. One of the perfect conservation projects that you can apply in your backyard is the rainwater recycling system. Through this system, you’re able to save money because the water that you’re using for the plants is recycled, but clean.

Water filtration won’t just help you financially, but it can be cost-effective to the entire community if many people decide to install such a system in their own homes. This feature may capture potential buyers since it’ll help them save their money on water utilities, while properly maintaining their backyard.

     5.     Add Outdoor Lighting

A way to improve the ambiance of your backyard is to set up outdoor lighting. It’ll not only light up your space at night, but it’ll also serve as a decorative piece in the daytime. Outdoor lighting creates a magical and aesthetic atmosphere in the backyard, which is perfect for late night catch ups and ‘do you remember’ moments. It doesn’t only add style and appeal to the backyard, but it’s also an effective way to deter burglars.

Outdoor lighting is equally important as indoor lighting. If your backyard isn’t well-lit, there’s a possibility that it won’t be a functional space. Nowadays, there are so many functional lighting ideas; you just need to find the one that’s most suitable for your exterior.

Final Thoughts

Doing unnecessary reconstruction projects to your house will just be a mistake and a waste of time, so it’s essential to identify and examine what suits best your property. Buyers look for a house that’s both beautiful and convenient, so one of the most efficient steps you can take is to follow the recommendations above.

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