4 Ways to Maximise Limited Bathroom Space




With the increasing demand for real estate these days, it is no wonder that housing space has been reduced. Even the larger houses throughout the UK are not spared. With living space being the priority for most families, it should then come as no surprise that there is an increasing trend of toilets and bathrooms becoming narrower or smaller in size. Fortunately, there are a few helpful pointers that you might like to consider while redesigning your tiny bathroom to make it more spacious and stylish. If you are in need of ideas to maximise your limited bathroom space, there are several tips that will help you to mitigate this obstacle over at victoriaplum.com.


Slimline Toilets

Slimline toilets are stylish, with a compact back to wall depth of less than 500mm. You could even select the finish that best suits your bathroom’s theme.


The innovative design of the RAK Series 600 saves spaces optimally, and it is extremely convenient to clean. The ceramic toilet features no rims nor ledges which prevents limestone or mould growth. Hence, there will not be any unsightly discolouration on the areas where the toilet meets the bathroom tiles. The high-quality toilet seat is ergonomic and is shaped for comfort. In addition, the toilet seat has a soft-close hinge that prevents the lid from slamming — especially useful if you’ve got little toddlers in the house!

Wall Hung Toilets

If you are interested in contemporary themes or aesthetics for your bathroom, a wall hung toilet will suit this style perfectly. Its concealed cistern with either a top or front flush option is ideal for bathrooms that are on the smaller side. The toilet’s flowy design is coupled with curves, which frees up space from the floor, which can be used to store mops, buckets or other toilet needs. Opt for ProGuard anti-drop technology to ensure that your toilet is free from any form of dirt nor limescale growth, which allows the toilet to look as good as new even for years later on. The designs are timeless yet reliable. Hence, the futuristic design will still be up to date in the long run.


The Hudson Reed Grace Wall Hung Pan consists of a rimless pan, complemented with a soft close seat equipped with quick release hinges for easy and effective cleaning. The height in which the toilet is mounted can be customised based on individuals’ preferences. It is made from vitreous china which gives a clean and strong ceramic finish.




Corner Toilets

Bathroom corners are the most common underutilised space.  As such, corner toilets are optimal for tiny bathrooms as it allows for greater space maximisation. It is definitely a better choice than placing a toilet in the corner, which would have been impractical for the user. Although the idea of having a corner toilet might seem absurd or unusual initially, a corner toilet is in fact practical and would be one of the best solutions to providing more storage space in the bathroom.


One of the top contestants for corner toilets is the Vitra Layton Corner Toilet. Similar to the Hudson Reed Grace Wall Hung Pan, it is crafted from vitreous china which contributes to the toilet’s high durability, which allows it to last at least a decade without any wear and tear. The smart design of the petite cistern being able to fit into a 90 degrees corner allows lots of space to be saved. Despite the smaller cistern, the mechanics of the toilet is not compensated and it is still fully functional. This is definitely a unit to consider if you have limited space in your bathroom.


Toilet & Sink Combination Units

The toilet and sink combination occupies a relatively small space to provide the user with a handwashing basin and toilet, stacked vertically in a neat fashion. This aesthetic easily complements a minimalist or modernised look. There are several companies in the market that create these units to provide individuals with space-saving yet stylish unions between toilet and sink. There are even certain designs that are environmentally friendly as the water used for handwashing is later used to flush the toilet. With a plethora of different designs of combination units available, it is highly possible that you will find a style that suits your bathroom.


The top choice is Brooklyn’s Hacienda Black 2-In-1 Combined Wash Basin & Toilet which offers exactly what its name suggests. It features a ceramic back-to-wall pan, with a dual flush concealed cistern, and the sink has a single tap hole. Furthermore, its black wood finish beneath the sink exhibits an air of elegance as it is made with high-quality designer materials. The space-saving bathroom fixture is not only fully functional but at the same time, its poshness adds value to the overall bathroom aesthetics. Its alluring and practical design is not to be missed for the modern homeowner.


Alternative Basins for Small Spaces

If the toilet and sink combination does not jive with your style, you need not worry at all. There are cloakroom basins that are small, compact, and barely protrude from a wall. These bathroom fixtures are readily available in various dimensions. As such, you will be sure to find one that suits your bathroom needs. There are even basins that fit into 90-degree corners of your bathroom in order to minimise occupied space. You may choose between single or double-tap options, and even select if you would like your basin to be wall mounted with brackets or supported by a pedestal. Although wall mounted basins are recommended as they occupy less space and allow for a wall cabinet to be installed beneath the basin for extra storage space. There are a wide array of options regarding the basin’s material too. Buyers can choose between granite, ceramic, stainless steel, and the list goes on. Some companies are promoting their sinks with antibacterial properties, or shock-resistant ones.





Overall, these are a few methods that you can consider in order to free up space within the bathroom. With the adoption of these ideas, you are on your way to making your bathroom appear more spacious through clever designs that utilise vertical space.

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