4 Tips For Making Your Home Pet-Friendly




If you have a pet that you love and cherish, you should be mindful of the fact that they spend most of their time indoors at home. When you leave your home for work or study, your pet sits at home the entire day waiting for you to come back and runs up to the door to greet and welcome you when you do. Hence, your home shouldn’t just be a space for your pet to spend their time, and instead should be a pet sanctuary in literal terms.

Given below are four ways you can make your home pet-friendly to make your beloved pet enjoy their days:

1. Make their bed comfortable

If your pet sleeps on their own, ensure that they have a comfortable pet bed complete with pillows and blankets. If your pet sleeps with you on your own, ensure that you have at least a double bed that suits an adult and a pet sleeping together. If you have a smaller bed, upgrade your current one and buy double bed frames online. If your pet doesn’t get a peaceful night’s sleep, they could suffer from arthritis and joint issues in the future, and hence this is important. 

2. Get fur-free upholstery

The fabrics you choose to have in your home and their pertaining upholstery are important as certain fabrics tend to gather fur and hair from your pets. Hence, you must get fur-free upholstery. Steer clear of any fabrics that act as a magnet for pet hair such as corduroy, velvet, or mohair. Instead, you should choose smoother fabrics such as leather and those made of synthetic fibers. Be careful that any fabrics you choose should be strong enough to withhold the wrath and hurt from your pet’s claws.

3. Get flooring that is easy to clean

Your pet’s paws are likely to acquire mud and dirt when they go for a walk outside, and hence you should be careful about the type of flooring you use in your home. This is also important if your pet is still learning how to be potty-trained and tends to make a mess on your floors pretty often. You should hence get flooring that is easy to clean such as stone, ceramic or laminated tiles instead of hardwood floors and carpets.

4. Create a play zone for your pet

You wouldn’t want your pet running around, playing with your upholstery, and wreaking havoc on your home. Instead, you should create a designated playing area for your pet where they can roll, jump and play around without any inhibitions. By doing so, you can guide your pet as to the space in which they can play, and hence they wouldn’t be making a mess elsewhere. You should have their toys placed neatly in the designated space for them to enjoy.


Making your home pet-friendly should be a priority as not only does it help your pet it also benefits you in several ways. By ensuring a pet-friendly home, you would have a healthy pet and lesser vet bills, in addition to having a cleaner home. The above-mentioned tips will help you achieve just that.

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