4 Home Improvements To Sell Your Home Faster



In a declining real estate market, and where house hunting is cooling down, you can generally sell your house faster by lowering your price. However, this should be the very last option if everything else isn’t working. Before that, there’re a number of things you can do to increase the value and attractiveness of your home.

While we all know that general home improvement and renovations can increase your home’s value, this article will focus on improvements tips that actually fetch a high return on investment. This is particularly more important if you want to sell your house fast. At this point, you’re not looking to make a major investment on your home –you just want to generate interest and attract the best price possible. And here are improvement tips to help you do just that.

1. Garage Door Repairs and Tune Ups

For most homes, the garage occupies a wide area of the front end of the house. This means it will have a major influence on the curb appeal of your home and the first impression on potential buyers. The garage door needs to keep up with the rest of your house in terms of looks and maintenance. If the paint job on your door has defects, consider repainting it. Additionally, have any major dents and dings repaired in good time so that your garage door doesn’t look worn out and tired.

Beyond the looks, you have to ensure that the garage door actually functions efficiently and safely. Many times, potential home buyers will want to check out the garage before making their final decision. If the garage door opener isn’t in good working condition, chances are your garage door doesn’t close and open efficiently. Loose or worn out garage door springs are an accident in waiting. And the excess noise your garage door makes is probably due to misaligned tracks. Such issues can be quickly fixed by hiring a garage door repair expert –don’t let them get in the way of a good deal.

2. New Paint

Walk away, a few steps from your house across the street, turn back and take a hard look at your home. Doesn’t it look attractive? Is it structurally sound? Curb appeal is probably the most important factor when selling your house. Apart from mowing your lawn and updating your gardens, adding a fresh coat of paint to your house goes a long way in shifting the potential buyer’s mindset.

No one wants to buy a home that has mold and mildew growing on top of flaking and peeling paint. Additionally, stains on the interior walls will only work against you when trying to negotiate for a better price. Hire a professional painting contractor to repaint the exterior and interior of your home, preferably using neutral colors that are safe and appeal to most people. This is an inexpensive and fastest way of refreshing the visual appeal of your home and attracting more buyers.

3. Carpet cleaning

Your carpet is the largest furnishing in your house –did you know that? While this is true, not many homeowners give much thought to how the status of the carpeting will influence the potential buyer’s decision. A dirty carpet can make your room look aged and outdated –and this is one of the first things visitors will see when they step into your house.

If you haven’t cleaned your carpet in while, consider hiring professional carpet cleaning services to clean

your carpet, which will also improve the aesthetics of your house before listing it. We recommend steam cleaning because it’s more effective at eliminating stains from the inner fabrics of the carpet, removing dirt and bacteria and doesn’t leave residue in your carpet.

4. New Garage Door Installation

If your garage door has major dings and dents, aged and outdated, doesn’t function as it should, or constantly breaks down, doing repeated repairs may not be sustainable. Having a good looking and well- functioning garage door is important for both aesthetic, as well as garage door safety and home security reasons.

An extensively dented garage door immediately taints the image of your home, not even a new coat of paint can hide that. Additionally, most burglars take advantage of faulty garage doors to break into homes. And remembering that some of the nastiest home accidents happen around faulty garage doors, no one may want to give you a good offer with all these in mind.

So if this is your situation, we highly recommend that you install a new garage door. This will not only help to increase your home’s value and sell faster but will ensure your safety and security while you’re still around.

Bottom line

You don’t have to lower your price to sell your home faster. In any case, most home buyer’s approach low- priced houses suspiciously, as you can imagine. However, with a few home improvements such as what we’ve recommended above, your home will not only sell faster but will also attract high offers.

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