4 Exterior Home Renovation Ideas


Are you remodeling your home exterior? The outside of your house is arguably the most important factor, as it is the first impression people witness upon arrival. Homeowners decide to renovate the exterior of their home for several reasons including:


       ●       Increasing curb appeal

       ●       Higher property value

       ●       Bored of current look and feel

       ●       Poor structure that needs a facelift

       ●       Damage to face of property

       ●       New additions for increased functionality


If you’ve made the decision to renovate the exterior of your home, you probably have a lot of questions, such as where to start! Maybe you are playing with the idea of adding a wrap-around porch so you can sip on your coffee on a rocking chair in the mornings. Or, maybe you want to upgrade your garage to fit more than one car. An exterior home renovation can be as simple as a fresh paint job or as complex as an annex built on the side to increase square footage.


If you’re seeking inspiration for your renovation project, you’ve come to the right place. It is always recommended to come into a remodeling project with ideas in hand. You should have a sense of the look and feel you are going for and understand the limits to your project in reference to what can and cannot be done.


In today’s blog, we’re sharing 4 exterior home renovation ideas you should consider to take your home to the next level. These ideas will increase the value of your home while making it look more attractive. Let’s get started!

       1.       Modern Garage Doors

“A new, sleek garage door is guaranteed to enhance the curb appeal of your home,” says Dodds Doors, a modern garage doors company based in Toronto. Beautiful garage doors and accessories make a statement on the face of your home. You can choose from various textures such as wood or steel, as well as various looks such as:

       ●       Traditional

       ●       Modern

       ●       Charming

       ●       Functional

       ●       And more


Be sure to consult these garage door buying tips before picking the one for you:

       ●       Consider security

       ●       Consider style

       ●       Consider cost

       ●       Consider insulation

With these tips in mind, you’ll have picked the perfect garage door for you.

       2.       Fresh Coat of Paint

It may seem simple, but a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in taking your home’s exterior to the next level. Go to your local hardware store and pick out a few color options you like. Be sure to select a primary color and an accent color for your trimmings, garage, and roof. These colors should compliment each other as a perfect pair.


Also consider your home’s architecture when deciding on colors. If your house has a Victorian style, go for a darker accent color to highlight the sharp angles.


This could be just what you need to give your home a brand new look and spring it to life.

       3.       Go Bold With Your Door

The front door of your home can be a perfect opportunity to add a splash of color. You can paint it red to give your home a modern look and a touch of brightness. In other cases, bright colors wouldn’t work. Therefore, try to go for a door that has a personality. In this sense, it’s all in the details! Doors come in wood or steel. They come carved with patterns or with glass windows for a more traditional, elegant look. Your door is supposed to welcome guests inside the rest of the house, so be sure to put some time into deciding what statement it should make!

       4.       Add a Porch

If you’re feeling ambitious, a porch is a larger project that will take more time and money — but the end result is both functional and beautiful. If you feel a porch would look great on the architecture of your house, it may be something you should heavily consider. A porch can wrap around the front and sides of the house, or it can be smaller and only occupy a portion of the front face. Do you want your porch to be wood or metal? What color should it be? These are all questions you have to ask yourself when deciding on whether to go with this renovation project.

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