3 Reasons Why Vinyl Should Be Your First Choice When Looking for a New Floor covering


When it comes to choosing the right floor covering for the rooms in your home or business, you need look no further than the flooring that Australians have been choosing for years and will continue to choose in the years to come. It is available to you in full sheets, planks and also tiles and is so easy to lay that almost anyone could do it.

We are of course talking about vinyl flooring and it is taking the world by storm and many interior decorators are turning it to brighten up many new homes. It offers many advantages to the home or business owner and we will explore some of them here. Remember, these are just some of the many advantages of this fantastic floor covering and there are many others that you can look into yourself.

It is Extremely Durable – When it comes to a floor covering that is both strong and durable then vinyl flooring really has no equal. Once it is installed correctly, you can expect it to last you fifteen to twenty years and it will still look great. It requires the bare minimum of maintenance and is great for businesses that have a lot of foot traffic or a home that has many kids running around just having fun. Kids are going to drop stuff on it and unlike a carpet that will stain, vinyl flooring won’t and it is easily cleaned up with a damp cloth. It is really that easy to take care of.

Fantastic Designs to Choose From – Vinyl flooring has a wide array of colours and styles to choose from and you wouldn’t believe the amount of patterns that it is available in. If you want a wood look floor, then no problem. If you want a tile look floor that is also no problem and there is marble look and so on and so on. You can get it in a smooth finish or non-slip finish to suit all situations and you can get it in thick or thin depending on your sound insulation needs.

So Easy to Take Care of – Vinyl flooring is so easy to take care of and in most situations, a wipe of a cloth will sort out most things. If it’s starting to look a bit tired then a quick once over with a clean mop and it’s back to looking brand new again. You can use almost any floor cleaner available on the Australian market and it won’t damage your floor covering. It is also great if you have any kids or employees with allergy issues with dust and such. There is nowhere for these allergens to take hold and a wipe with a wet cloth or mop just removes them all immediately. There is also nowhere for germs to congregate and so it is great for keeping your kids healthy.

If you are thinking of installing a new floor covering in your home or office, you really should be looking at vinyl flooring and everything that it has to offer. Look into it today, you won’t be disappointed.

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