3 Options for Major Home Renovations (and How They Can Dramatically Increase the Value of Your Home)



Transformative changes to your property can not only bring it bang up to date, but may also boost its value, which is good news if you’re thinking about selling today, tomorrow or in years to come.

With that in mind, here’s an overview of a few significant renovations that are worth carrying out if you’re primarily focused on getting a better price from buyers if you put your home on the market.

How to Maximize Your Home’s Value with a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen renovation can bolster the value of your home, and make it easier to live with as well. As part of this, you’ll need to plan out the details and think about what features will add the most bang for your buck.

Consider updating outdated cabinet hardware, replacing countertops, installing energy-efficient appliances, and adding decorative tile work or backsplashes. All these changes can help create an eye-catching design that could significantly boost market values in today’s competitive real estate landscape.

Additionally, make sure all electrical outlets are up to code. This is especially important if you’re thinking about selling anytime soon.

Upgrade Your Bathroom and Watch the Market Value Soar

A well-executed bathroom overhaul will be another major selling point for potential buyers. From modern fixtures to contemporary designs, there are plenty of options when it comes to creating an inviting space that will help increase your home’s value.

Think about replacing old-school, worn tubs and toilets with newer models, swapping out tired faucets for new equivalents, and re-tiling walls with fresh styles. Additionally, adding heated floors is another great way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious without breaking the bank.

Interested in Starting Your Own Home Renovation Business?

Anyone with a knack for remodeling and DIY could turn this into a fully fledged enterprise. To get started, you’ll need to research the laws and regulations surrounding permits and construction codes in your area.

Additionally, make sure to draw up a detailed business plan outlining goals and expenses such as materials, labor costs, and marketing strategies. Don’t forget budgeting for unexpected surprises as well. You’ll also need to acquire the equipment you need to complete projects, which you can find at Revelation Machinery, a reputable machinery dealer company.

Lastly, remember that word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful tools when building trust with potential customers, so take advantage of every opportunity to build relationships with clients who will ultimately help grow your business.

Get Creative and Add Curb Appeal by Installing an Outdoor Pool or Patio Decking

Making a statement with your home’s exterior can have more of an impact on its value and saleability than any interior renovations.

For instance, installing an outdoor pool, patio decking, or landscape features can instantly add value. Whether it’s for entertaining guests on the weekends or simply enjoying some peaceful alone time in the sun, a well-designed backyard oasis is sure to capture buyers attention when they’re searching for their dream property.

Investing in quality materials such as stone pavers, weather-resistant furniture pieces, fire pits and even plants that will thrive throughout all four seasons is worthwhile in the context of enhancing curb appeal.

With thoughtful planning, and maybe even a few design tips from experts, you’ll be able to create an inviting space that could help bring potential buyers one step closer towards making the purchase of your home.

Wrapping Up

Any renovations or remodeling you embark upon have to be considered from the perspective of how much value they’ll add to your property. If the numbers don’t add up, then it’s usually not worth doing, so be savvy about your planning rather than jumping in feet first.

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