Wooden slat wall application ideas you need to know




By 2022 a wooden slat wall will be all the rage in hotels, offices, and homes, and for all the right reasons! These panels are highly functional and stylish, and will look good in almost all spaces. Wooden slat wall paneling adds texture and a three-dimensional look to a room, creating an eye-catching focal point. This installation adds depth to the space and opens up new illumination opportunities. It also delivers a premium look to any room without compromising price or efficiency. We will discuss the details about wooden slat walls and give you some inspiration on how to use them.

What is a wooden slat wall?

Wooden slat walls use vertical wood strips running from the ground to the ceiling. These strips vary in width from 1/2 to 2 inches. Based on the look you’re trying to achieve, you can choose what width you want. A slat’s spacing is important because it makes it appear uniform, are usually wider than the slat’s width. Strips are usually oriented vertically, but horizontal slats are also available.


Types of wood for wooden slat walls

Slat wall paneling can be created from a variety of wood types depending on your budget. If money is no obstacle, then cedar wood is an option. In contrast, you can also choose to purchase precut wood strips that are used for flooring, however, you can also cut them from a plywood sheet yourself for a lower cost. A cheaper option is to use reclaimed wood or even a pallet for your wooden walls, but the finish might be less than desirable.


Some ideas on how to use wooden slat walls

Wooden slat walls can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them at your ceiling to make a more cozy room. You can even include lightning in the slats to increase the ambiance in your room. Another way to use the panels, is to cover the wall with them. Usually one wall is covered with the slats to create a special effect in the room. Some people also use the slats as room dividers. These dividers can be stationary or moveable. Another option might be to use a wood slat wall as a background for your television. This makes your television not just a useful device in your room, but also a stylish accessory in your room. In any case, whatever you will do with the wooden slat walls, they will be a real eye catcher in your room.

Installing wooden slat wall panels

The installation of the wooden wall is fairly simple. You will first need to emsemble all the relevant tools which include but are not limited to a saw, screwdrivers, batten, mineral wool, and so on. But before you get started you will have to start preparing the wall. Clean the wall and remove any screws, nails and other obsticles on the wall and get started on building your wooden wall.


Essentially, you can build a wall in many ways by nailing together smaller panels. You can make a panel of vertical boards and then nail the plywood to the wall, building it into a larger frame. Generally, you’d glue the wood onto the wall first with some sort of construction adhesive. Then use a laser level to line up the vertical pieces carefully before applying a thin layer of adhesive to them. Run in brad nails along each piece to help keep them in place while they set. This is all you need to know.


The wall will not only look sleek and stylish in your room but it will also significantly improve the general acoustics of the room and remove reverberation, so that you will be able to relax and hear what your guests are saying.

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