What kind of Lighting is Best for the Common Rooms in Your House?



When the sun goes down, the way we light the house is of outmost importance. Sometimes for practical reasons, and at other times to create a particular feeling that we look for, when we are in that room. Will it be an indirect light, one that is task-oriented? Let us take a closer look at some of the main common rooms, and what they require in terms of lighting.

The one thing we have to prioritise in the kitchen, is the capacity for the person cooking to be able to view clearly what he or she is doing. Otherwise, it will become not only a bother, but also a health issue. No one wants to cut themselves while preparing dinner, simply because they could not see clearly what they were doing. A ceiling fixture is usually the first solution we turn to, in order to get a clear view, no matter where you find yourself in the room. The second positioning of light should come in a place where it can be directed towards the working plan. That is usually the place where all the cutting of vegetables, fruits and meat will take place. Although the kitchen is a work place, it has become throughout the last few years, a gathering room as well. Therefore, it is a good idea to make the light warm.

Dining Room
Finding a beautifully design LED ceiling lamp, is certainly a must, when you start working on the dining room. Romantic is probably the adjective that will be the most discussed between a couple, when looking to find the right lighting in this room. After all, this is where two people can actually take time to be together, talk about their day, and plan ahead for the week, the month and the years ahead (hopefully). However, if they do decide to spend the rest of their lives together, and kids are soon on their way, they will also need to make sure that the lights can fully lit the room. In this case, and in order not to lose the potential intimacy of the couple, a light dimmer is definitely a great solution, to adapt to both situations.

Living Room
That is probably the most complicated room, in the whole house, when it comes to lighting. That is because this room serves many different purposes. It can go from a “school” room, where the kids will have to do their homework and lessons, to turning itself into a cinema, in the evening. In between, it can be used to receive guests, to celebrate birthdays, or to party all night long. In the end, there should be a few rules to look for. Anything happening in daytime should be fully lit from natural light, if at all possible. This is the best way to keep everyone awake and working. As for the evening, then you will definitely need a main central light on the ceiling, which will be complimented by two or three different lamps, that will serve various purposes and illuminate certain areas, only.

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