What is Trace and Access Cover?


Trace and access is simply a part of the home cover that deals with finding the right source of water leakage in your apartment or home. Thus, you can contact a plumber bearing in mind that the work will be insured. This cover can help keep at bay all severe water damage caused by the water leak.

Typically, it is hard to find the source of a leak in your home. Besides, it is an entirely disruptive process. This type of cover helps you fix the problem without having to spend a dime on it. It will also protect you from any restorations that could happen afterward.

Some water leakage cases may not be included in your cover. Such instances may include water leakage caused by poor maintenance issues or damp proof course failure. You may not be entitled to fixing the leakage as per this situation. But you can still receive help from the insurer in the process of tracing the exact source of the leak. The investigation work involved in finding the source of the leakage is catered by the trace and access services. However, the fixing maybe your own costs.

Trace and access: Does it come as standard?

In most cases, this cover does not come s standard. You will be surprised to find out that some home insurance cover comes with the trace & access while some never include it. Thus, it is upon you to ask about it when buying your home insurance policy. It is good to find out if it is included or not right from day one. It would be best if you never waited until you experience water leakage in your property to worry about trace & access. Besides, if the cover is included in your home insurance policy, you should check the limits. Some of them will only give a limit of up to 10 000 euros. If the damage exceeds that amount, you may be required to cater for the upward amount. Thus, it would be ideal to buy the trace and access services.

What to do when you notice a leak?

Many homeowners do not know what to do whenever they come across water drips, weeps, or moist parts of their house. Some will think it is just a splash. But it may be a real leak that could lead to serious water damage if not handled as soon as possible.

If you find out that some water is escaping from your heating system, you should not try to fix anything by yourself. This is not DIY stuff. It will help if you start by calling your cover provider to seek their advice. They will send a tradesperson who will fix the issue for you. The tradesman will trace the leak and fix it. You should be in a position to provide evidence in the form of photos or even a video or relevant info about the leakage. They may ask for this immediately you reach out to them.

However, you should be aware that the trace and access cover is meant to find the source of the leak and fix it. This cover does not buy anything else damaged by the water that escaped from its main system. You can have the home insurance take care of the goods damaged by the water leakage.

What about underground pipes?

You may be wondering if the same rules supply pipes that run underneath your home. Therefore, you should be responsible for the electricity cables, TV cables, water, gas, or even sewage pipes that run beneath your land. Thus, you should be aware that the pipes beneath your land are not included in the trace and access policy.

However, you may have them cater to the investigative work involved in finding out the problem. This applies to your systems in your home thus may exclude the pipes under your home. If you find out that your house’s drainage system is faulty and dirty water is weeping out of the ground, you would better contact the insurance firm to seek their word. They will advise on what you should do. Some may cover for the tree root damage to the pipes.

You should not make a mistake when buying house insurance. If you can afford to buy the trace and access cover on its own, it is alright. However, if you want it included in the home insurance document, you should consult with the firm and make the right choice. Make sure you ask the relevant queries when buying the insurance policy. This ensures that the race and access cover is included in the policy you are about to buy. Besides, it would help if you understood the limits imposed on the trace & access costs. As stated above, some will give limits on the maximum amount they can cater. If you think it is too small for you, buy the trace and access services along with the home insurance cover. Eventually, you will be covered for all the water leakage problems.

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