Ways to Introduce Traditional Touches to Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is the one room that you want to be welcoming, relaxing and cosy. Whilst the rest of your home’s décor may follow a consistent theme, your bedroom is a space that you can make a little more personal and have some fun introducing colours, styles and details that reflect your personal style. Here is a selection of décor tips to help you design a bedroom that you feel comfortable in, introducing some traditional touches for added character.

Traditional, Neutral Tones

One of the most important things to consider with your bedroom’s décor is the colour. Colours are a huge influence towards the atmosphere within the room, so it’s important to choose the ones that will help to create a warm, welcoming feel. Opting for neutral colours will enable you to keep a traditional feel, which you can then enhance by introducing bold details that suit your personality and style. Popular colours for bedroom décor consist of pastel shades of pink, grey and blue, and traditional colours such as cream, brown and beige.  

Drapes and Curtains

The main goal with bedroom design, is to create a space that you can use to switch off, wind down and relax. For many homes, including blinds or curtains is a must to ensure the room is kept dark and the sunlight is kept out. When it comes to traditional bedroom décor, you tend to find that drapes are very popular. Drapery is design style that has been very popular for many years now and instantly add that touch of character to the room, without going overboard. Drapery is ideal for creating a welcoming yet relaxing space, whilst keeping the room stylish and unique. One of the most important things to remember with drapes around the bed is to keep a neutral material with a neutral colour. If you suddenly decide to introduce a silk drape in fuchsia pink, you’ll instantly loose the traditional feel your room once had. Focus on keeping things neutral by using creams, browns or greys. As for the curtains within the room, the same applies when it comes to the neutral colours and delicate materials. You often find that curtains are used for a decorative feature and are quite commonly installed with no ability to open or close them. They simply sit at either end of the window to add style and character. If you don’t intend to introduce curtains that will be used, you may want to introduce some wooden blinds to help when you need some privacy, or to control the sunlight within the room.

Floral Features


Traditional bedroom décor is often complimented well with some beautiful floral designs or patterns. Many homes are now introducing one feature wall that may have a floral wallpaper or delicate paintwork. If you’re keen on the floral design then it can really help to add a personal touch to your décor. Introducing a bold floral feature wall would look stunning next to the grand oak wardrobe, just as some cosy floral bedding would be ideal for making your bed stand out a little and burst with character. It’s always a good idea to stick for neutrally coloured designs, to ensure your traditional style is consistent throughout the room

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