Walk In Shower Designs To Lift Your Bathroom





A lot of us prefer showers to baths, who can blame us? There’s no better feeling than invigorating water flowing over our body after a long, stressful day. A daily way to unwind, we spend a great amount of time under our showers. The trouble is deciding what type of shower design to go for when creating a bathroom of dreams.


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We’re going to take a look at some of the best types of walk in shower designs to life your bathroom and help to create a relaxing retreat you can indulge in, everyday.


It’s All About The Glass Screen


Not only does a simple glass screen create an element of privacy in a way, it’s a simple way to elevate any bathroom. A great hack to create a stunning shower room design, glass screens are the key to creating a contemporary, sleek feel. Glass screens also help to reduce the feeling of being enclosed as they work with the light in the room. If you want to create a statement focal point go for a tinted screen which can bring in a splash of colour too with minimal effort.


Small Bathroom Walk In Shower


You aren’t limited when it comes to creating a stunning shower design, even in a small bathroom and more ideas from Bellabathrooms. Make use of the space you have by accentuating its size, to do this avoid using coloured tiles as a backdrop for your showering area. Instead go for a simple monochrome palette. White works wonderfully and will give the bathroom an effortless modern atmosphere. You can always add some nice accessories or chrome features to mix things up a bit if you feel the space is too blank.




Compact Corner Shower


Looking for walk-in showers for small bathrooms? Consider making use of the corner of the room to add a shower. Go for glass to keep the space from looking cramped, it’ll allow light to freely travel the room still creating an open, bright and airy space. Consider a neo-angle shower tray if you’re concerned about the space you have available. The key to compromising here on your shower design is to maximise the rest of the room by kitting it out with beautiful furniture and accessories. Compact bathrooms can be stylish too.



Statement Tiles

There are so many stunning statement tile designs out there, making it incredibly difficult to select which ones to use in a bathroom. By creating a feature wall of tiles, you’ll create the illusion of a larger space. Consider using black and white tiles for a contemporary finish as a backdrop against a walkin shower. If you’re feeling brave go for a bold, bright colour (or various colours) to draw the eye to a focal point.




Make Use Of Alcoves


Even if you’re working with an out of the ordinary shaped room, you can still work with angles to create a unique walk in shower space. An awkward layout may seem initially troublesome, but with a bit of creativity you can transform an alcove into a stunning walk-in shower space. Consider creating a wetroom with a hanging, rainfall shower head for a corner of tranquility or use the room’s walls to naturally lay out partitions for a glass screen. For a glass screen like the one pictured, there are similar ones available on online.


As seen from above, there are endless ways in which you can create a stunning walk in shower design for your bathroom. Like, adding a rainshower. Just make sure to read the pros and cons of rain shower heads so you know what you’re getting into, or whatever you’re buying. No matter the size of the space or your budget, take some inspiration and get designing your dream shower room now.




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