Top Tips to Create a Custom Designed Bedroom

Bedrooms should be a place of comfort, privacy and serenity; a place where you can fully unwind, relax and enjoy a well earned rest. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a bedroom from scratch, you are about to embark on an exciting project. Designing a bedroom allows you to be creative and put your own personal stamp on the space. There are so many things to think about when creating a custom designed bedroom, including colour, light, furniture, layout, space and decoration. Below are some top tips to help transform your bedroom into a cosy retreat:  


Choosing Furniture 

Although a bedroom has a long list of supposed ‘must-have’ furniture, a bedroom full of bulky items can feel crowded and you will find it difficult to relax. Ask yourself if you need to store all of your clothes in the bedroom and if you can do without that extra set of drawers. Having said this, a bedroom should be neat, tidy and clutter-free so it is essential to have enough storage space. If your room is big enough, consider getting built-in wardrobes to double the storage space. Wall shelves are a great space saver too. One of the most obvious purchases you’ll need to make is the bed. Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom so it is important to choose the right one. The size will be dependent on the space you have available, and of course, your preference. Companies like Divan Beds Centre offer a bespoke ‘made-to-measure’ service to provide any size bed you want.

Deciding on Colours

To create a bedroom that exudes serenity, you should choose neutral and cooler shades. For a cosy and energetic space, opt for brighter and warmer colours. Your bedroom needs to make you feel relaxed so make sure that the colours of your bed linen, curtains and furniture all complement each other too. A recent study by Travelodge found that Britons who are sleeping in a blue decorated bedroom are regularly getting the best night’s sleep. Yellow, green, silver and orange were also popular colours proven to have a positive impact upon sleep. Choose a colour scheme that you know you’re going to like over time, so it saves you having to re-design the entire room all over again.


Adding those Finishing Touches

The little touches such as lights, cushions, mirrors, curtains and artwork can bring a room together perfectly. Curtains are an essential part of the style of your bedroom. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a darker bedroom contributes to better sleep, so try light blocking curtains, shades or blinds. Flowers and plants in a decorative pot can instantly add life to the room while a quirky lamp or piece of artwork can define your own personal style and character. Mirrors are ideal for use in the bedroom, especially in smaller spaces as they can create the illusion of depth. They are also great for reflecting light, opening up space and adding personality to your room. Although small, these finishing touches can make a huge difference.


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This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35

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