Top Tips for Presenting Your House Well for Sale


Whether you’re planning on selling your current abode in the coming months, or an investment property, you’re sure to want to achieve the best possible price for the home, in the quickest turnaround time you can.

When properties go on the market, the best way to achieve top results is to “dress”  homes carefully to entice as many people as possible to inspect them and then make offers. It is vital, therefore, that you ensure your property is neat, clean, and staged as beautifully as you can from the very first day it is listed on the market. Read on for some tips you can follow today to help you achieve a top-dollar sale.

Present All Outdoor Areas Beautifully

One of the first, and most important, things for you to do is ensure that all of the outdoor areas around your home are presented beautifully. After all, when people first arrive at your home to inspect it, the outdoor spaces will be what they see first. A home that has grown-over, messy, or bare and ugly areas may turn them off from checking out the inside of the home all together.

For starters then, take a look at your lawn and see if it needs some extra attention to get in prime condition. You may want to consider hiring a firm that specializes in lawn care in Rochester, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Mesa, AZ, or anywhere else you live, if you don’t have the time or skills to take care of it yourself. As well, make sure that any untidy-looking trees and shrubs are trimmed or removed (particularly if your yard looks overgrown and dark). Also look at adding some potted plants or bright flowers near your front door to help brighten up that area of the home.

A falling down, rusted, broken, or otherwise neglected mail box also needs to be taken care of. Often you will find that you can freshen it up with a simple coat of paint, but if not, replacements are not expensive to buy. Your front door might also need to be painted and given a new door knocker/handle to look appropriate. You also may need to either add or fix up fences to complete the exterior makeover.

Demonstrate the Functionality of Each Space

Next, remember that when people come to look through your home they are thinking about how they would make use of each room and space in the abode. As a result, it will work in your favor if you make it easy for browsers to imagine themselves living in the space.

Do this by demonstrating how each part of the home, including the kitchen, dining room, lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor entertaining spaces, can be used. Set up each part of the house in a way that makes it clear what can fit in it, and potentially showcase some various options for use (e.g. a spare bedroom could have both a bed and a desk in it to demonstrate that it would work well as a bedroom, guest suite, or office).

As well, don’t neglect some of the “dead spaces” in your home, such as areas under stairs or in basements or lofts. Fill these spots out with furniture, storage items, and the like to indicate how they might be used by new owners.

If you’re wondering how to work out the best way to stage your home for a quick sale, do your research. Take a look at past sales of homes in your area, as well as other houses currently on the market, to get an idea of which features usually fetch the highest prices. For example, in some suburbs buyers may be looking for as many bedrooms as possible (particularly in family locations), while in others it may be more about having plenty of work space, entertaining areas, or storage.

Clear Away Clutter

Lastly, you will help your home to sell at a good price if you showcase it in its best light, looking as large and expansive as possible, not to mention calm and comfortable. You can achieve this look and feel by getting rid of as much clutter around the house as possible.

Having lots of possessions taking up unnecessary room in a home makes it look smaller, potentially rundown, and just less appealing in general. As well, it doesn’t give prospective buyers as much chance to imagine how their own belongings would look in the home if they were to purchase it.

Go through each room of your house then, not forgetting your garage, and sell, recycle, donate or throwaway any bits and pieces that don’t need to be there. You can also clear away clutter into neat storage boxes, baskets and other containers. Don’t forget that lots of people open closets and built-in drawers when they inspect a home, to see how much storage space is available, so keep all of these areas neat and tidy.

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