Tips to Personalize Your Home


Your home tells people a lot about who you are. Everything from the furniture to accessories to the paint tells people about your likes and dislikes.

Think of a simple scenario. If you enter a house that is full of antique pieces and stuffed animals, you will instantly realize that the homeowners appreciate antiques and are most probably also into hunting. How were you able to predict this? Because the homeowner has personalized his living space.

You too should think of doing the some. Personalizing your space does not only signal people about your personality, but it also makes your home appear more attractive and can even make you happier.

As per the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans spend around 93% of their lives indoors. This includes homes and workplaces.

Since you spend such a long amount of time of your lives indoors, there is a great need that your space displays your personality.

It is not only important to make an impression, but also for your mental health. If your house is close to your personality, you will feel a calm when you enter the house and it can have a very positive impact on your mind.

However, it is easier said than done. When we talk about personalizing, we mean adding elements that are related to your life. This isn’t easy as you must be willing to spend a good amount of money to get all that you need.

Nonetheless, given below are some affordable ways to do so.

Get the Right Paint

The right paint means half the job is done. Science has proven that colors affect our mood and tells about our personality. People who like bold colors are said to be sharp thinkers whereas people who like light colors are said to be more emotional.

The color you choose to decorate your walls can tell people tonnes about your personality, so make sure to be creative.

Use Vinyl Stickers

Wall art stickers are basically stickers that can be put on the walls and even flooring to give a unique and personalized look to your home or office.

Let’s talk more about wall art stickers and how they can be of help in this regard.

       ● These stickers are affordable and can be bought in different sizes. You can use them to decorate only a part of a space or entire spaces.

       ● These are available in unique designs, and you can pick one according to your personality. For example, if you are a nature lover, you can buy                animal and wildlife stickers to make your house look that way.

       ● These stickers are easy to apply and remove. There is no hard work required.

Add Accessories

You can use different accessories to decorate the house. These include paintings and other such decors. Again, choose things according to your own taste.

Use Your Personal Elements

You should make a good use of your personal items to decorate your house. These include different accessories such as medals and shields you have won during your school years or later life.

These will tell people what kind of a student you were and what your interests are.


A personalized home tells a story, make sure yours does too.

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