Tips on how to get your flat clean and organised for summer


Most ambitious individuals get their home in shape during the traditional time known as spring-cleaning. But during the lazy days of summer, it’s still important to keep your flat looking clean and organised. There are some simple steps you can take on a daily basis to make this happen without sacrificing too much of your holiday time.

Where to Start

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Start in the bathroom by discarding old cosmetics, over the counter medications and prescription drugs past their expiration date. Call your local rubbish company to find out the best way to dispose of them without contaminating the ground or water supply. This will give you room in your medicine cabinet for such essential summertime remedies to have handy as allergy medications, insect repellents, suntan lotion and calamine lotion to sooth bug bites.


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Now’s also the time to get your heating system inspected so it will be ready to get back into service once temperatures drop again in the fall. Be on the lookout for summer price specials on this service, in addition to floor and drapery services that are provided by companies like London Cleaning System who are carpet cleaning specialists. Move onto the kitchen next and clean all round the floor, the back of the appliances and all over the surfaces. Make sure you pay special attention

The Exterior and Fresh Air


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Be certain that all of the screens on your doors and windows are in good repair with no holes that will allow flying insects to invade your living space when doors or windows are kept open to allow for more fresh air circulation during the summer months. Check to see that doors that open onto patio and other outdoor areas are easy to open and running smoothly on their tracks. Although fresh air from open doors and windows can be refreshing, many families prefer to keep the air conditioning on in their flats as a way to prevent the flare-up of allergies. When the humidity inside your house is lowered, there’s less chance that mould and mildew will grow during the hot and humid weather that is so characteristic of summertime.


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Pull all your outdoor furniture from storage and give it a thorough cleaning, including the barbecue grill. Lubricate your lawnmower and be sure it’s in working order for all of that summer grass cutting in the months ahead. Check to make sure that there are no beehives or wasp nests that have taken up residence near outdoor sitting areas. Be on the lookout for anthills and any evidence of termite infestation and get proper professional pest control to visit if necessary.

Now you can sit back and indulge in a tall, cool drink! You deserve it after all that!

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