Throw the Perfect Pool Party


Now that you’re settled in your Dallas or Houston Darling home, it’s time to connect with your neighbors. And what better way to do that than to throw a pool party?

A Darling home is the perfect place to entertain friends, family and other guests due to its open floor concept and astounding backyard space. Here’s how you can make the most out of your Darling home for a pool party.

Pool Preparations

A pool party would not be a pool party without a pool. Throwing a pool party means that the pool has to be perfect, as it will be the centerpiece of the event.

It’s important that the pool is treated at least 8 hours prior to use. Chlorine is the most effective way to kill off any harmful bacteria and algae that could be in the pool. Use a pool thermometer to check the temperature of the pool water; too high or too low temperatures could compromise the water quality.

Consider adding inflatable pool toys and floats to add dimension to the pool. It isn’t entirely necessary, but it can be argued that a pool with an inflatable flamingo and some beach balls and swim rings looks better than a pool without any at all.


Having a pool party means making sure that the space is party-ready. Creating the right ambiance also depends on the guests that will be arriving. If the pool party is meant for a younger demographic like kids, the space can be livened up with streamers and balloon towers. With older guests this is unnecessary, although it still is a welcome sight.

Creating a pool party playlist on a music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music is also one way to set the tone for the pool party. Without the right music, the whole space will feel dry and lackluster.


As fun as a pool can be, not everyone will want to spend their entire time in the party pruning up in the pool water. Set up an area in the backyard or in the house’s common areas where guests seeking respite from the water can entertain themselves with other things. Tabletop games or board games can help guests while away their time until they feel like dipping their toes in the water or going home. Lawn games like ring toss or badminton can be a great way to keep guests entertained if they get tired of swimming in the pool.

Children, in particular, might appreciate renting out a bouncy water slide from companies like My Party Jumpers. These slides are super fun and safe to use and can be found in different sizes fitting any pool.

Food and Drinks

All parties, pool parties included, need to have food and drinks to keep peckish guests sated. Lee Crowder, Darling Homes’ design gallery and model home branding manager, recommends serving party-type food, such as snacks and appetizers in bite-sized pieces. Examples would include sliders, nachos, or even canapés. This allows guests to move around and mingle while eating the food, and as a host, this also prevents the guests from congregating around one area of the party space.

Guest Restrictions

Although you are opening your home to entertain guests, it’s important to remember that your Darling home is still a place where you keep your privacy. Guests are more than welcome to enjoy themselves in the pool area, but you may also consider cordoning off the stairs leading to the second floor to prevent guests from access to areas like bedrooms by locking the doors. You are preventing unwelcome guests from going into your private space.

Make sure to guide guests to areas where they can relax and socialize, and rein them in when they wander off to guest-restricted areas.

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