Smart Homes: Epic Smart Technologies to Ease and Streamline Your Indoor Lifestyle


Researchers assessing the trend of buyers’ interests in the modern real estate world show that demand for home technologies controllable via phone or tablet is persistently high. Smart home devices are not only greener, sleeker, and convenient to use, but also offer a level of efficiency that has been unimaginable even in the recent past!

Besides the ability to control stand-alone devices from a remote location using smart technologies, the deal gets even better in light of smart home systems. In short, you can sync your devices such that the gadgets collaborate and deliver similar results.

Imagine a world where your refrigerator updates your blender about your new weight loss diet, and the minute you get home, your smart lock system alerts your blender it’s time for that low-carb smoothie!

Smart Kitchen Life Hacks

Your kitchen sure comes second if not first when it comes to adopting smart technologies in your house. Below are some ideas you can borrow and halve the countless trips you make to your kitchen.

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  •  Invest in a smart oven. Smart oven technology allows you to control your oven remotely. To paint the picture for you vividly, imagine baking potatoes in your oven at home, all the way from your office.
  • Consider buying a smart coffee maker. Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all; the saying goes. However, you don’t have to bear a bad cup of coffee because you’re too tired to make the type of coffee you prefer. Get a smart coffee maker, and make your coffee to perfection whether you’re in your living room, bedroom or backyard.
  • Getting a smart refrigerator will not only give you a helper to order groceries for you at your local grocer, but also your smart buddie will alert you about items in and out of season. Buy a smart juicer. With the current trend towards health and wellness, a modern fast or slow fruit juicer has become an integral part of many people’s daily routine. You can set your preferred consistency, mixing, and even ingredients for your daily green juice, post-workout shake, or detox drink.

Smart Technologies for House Security

Previous models of security technologies didn’t offer clients remote access to their security systems at home. Most likely you’ve unintentionally left your security alarm off in the past. However, with the modern smart security system you won’t have to take such chances as you can control the system from miles away. 

Also, you can upsurge the efficiency of your smart security system if you integrate different security systems, such as locks, windows and doors. For instance, if your window is open, you will get an alert, and you can opt to send someone or go in person. If your door is shut, but the lock is open, you will also get an alert specifying that the lock is open, and you can send a lock-alert using your phone.

Energy Efficient Smart Technologies

You can improve energy consumption in your house using energy efficient smart technologies. If you invest in the right smart technologies and learn how to use them well, you can lower your electricity and gas bills.

  •  For instance, investing in smart air conditioning ensures that indoor temperatures are always within your preferences. Smart air conditioners often have a programmable thermostat that you can schedule and update regularly. In turn, the smart air conditioner identifies a way to regulate temperatures while using minimal energy. 
  • Consider automating your lighting system such that your lights can go off automatically when the sun comes up or when you leave a room.
  •  Buy programmable entertainment units. Entertainment units are a common culprit for wasting energy, especially when left on standby mode or when left on, yet no one is watching, playing, or listening to music. Programmable entertainment gadgets go off whenever necessary and over time, they lower energy consumption.

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