Simple Steps to Innovate Your Flat This Winter

As the winter months approach, it might be an idea to give your home a little spruce up in time for the festivities. If you’re living in a flat or the landlord of a flat you may feel somewhat limited in terms of decoration ideas. Space may be a premium, but that shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on quality or experience. It isn’t the best time of year to begin painting as the damp weather will add to the drying time but by following some of these simple and effective methods you can easily renovate your flat this winter:

Have a bit of a clear out
Space is a premium in flats. This can be frustrating if you find yourself wanting to spread out and not feel caved in by your belongings. If you find yourself tending to hoard stuff unnecessarily, it might be an idea to have a clear out. By going through your belongings and deciding to only keep the stuff you use regularly or cannot bear to part with, you’ll free up some much needed space that will transform your home. Furthermore, if you go on to sell these unwanted items on eBay or at a car boot sale you will make some extra cash to go towards the other renovations!
Renovate your heating system in time for the chill
As the weather gets colder we all come to depend on our heating systems a lot more. This is why it is important to have a reliable system, whether you’re a tenant, landlord or homeowner. Verismart offer affordable heating solutions that allow you to programme the radiator to your desired temperature – perfect for the fluctuating temperatures in autumn and winter. If you’re a landlord, it may seem like an unnecessary expense but who wants to be called out to a rental property at night or first thing in the morning when the central heating stops working? It’s worthwhile investing in a reliable system now to save yourself the trouble and expense later down the line.
Treat yourself to some new furniture
Furniture retailers like DFS are renowned for offering special deals in the lead up to the festive season. If you order in advance, they can even guarantee you a delivery date before Christmas to ensure that your friends and family can be nice and cozy on your new sofa whilst watching the Queen’s speech. They offer a wide range of two seater sofas, which could be an option if you’re trying to save on space in your flat.

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