Secrets behind Calgary’s cleanest homes


There are always houses in Calgary where everything is in place. The surfaces and counters are shining, the toilets don’t have stains, the rooms are always tidy, and the whole house is mess-free. They always have the cleanest houses no matter what. It makes you think, how do they do it? If you are wondering how these homeowners maintain an orderly home, here are some secrets revealed by those whose homes seems clean.

Make space

You always have some stuff that seems to pile up in one corner of your house or on your countertop. Even if you are not a collector of something, you still end up keeping those items. One rule to follow to create more space in your home is that if you buy something new, sell or donate your old item. Even if you spend more time organizing your stuff, it will always go back to chaos a week or a month later. If you don’t own lots of items in your house, it will be hard for your space to look cluttered. If you keep your stuff simplified, you won’t have to spend more time organizing. Having more stuff means having more items to clean because there are more items collecting dust or dirt. The more stuff you have in your countertops or surfaces means the more things you’ve got to swipe. Even having lots of furniture means having lots to push, move, or shove. It doesn’t mean you have to throw all your things or empty your house to have it spotlessly clean every time. However, if you are having cleaning issue with a specific area in your house, you might want to examine if you have stuff that’s okay to remove so you can clean that area regularly and it will make the job easier. If you have a clean and organized home, you’ll be spending less time looking for misplaced items. You always feel better if your home is organized.

Clean as you go

The reason why people’s houses appear clean is that they make cleaning as they go a habit. You don’t wait for your house to look like a bomb just went off before you decide to clean it. Clean as you go means rearranging throw pillows, having your kids put their toys back in the toy box after every playtime, folding blankets and making the bed every morning when you get up, folding laundry right when it comes out from the dryer, doing the dishes right after dinner, sweeping the crumbs off the floor after having snacks and hanging up clothes at the end of each day. By doing these simple things, you will have more time and more energy during intensive cleaning sessions like mopping floors, scrubbing floors, and surfaces. Sure, there is those time where you feel lazy, and it’s tempting to leave the mess and decide to deal with it later. Note that too many “until later” will leave you with a house that is too stressful to tackle. Doing small things in a day or in a week like putting things back when you are done or cleaning as you go, will make you feel like everything is just manageable.

Hiring cleaning services

Not every homeowner in Calgary has a budget for home cleaning services. But those who do tend to keep their homes well maintained and properly cleaned. Knowing that some cleaners will come into your house brings a sort of motivation for you to put away some stuff so that cleaners won’t have to spend too much time cleaning, including the unnecessary. One reason why many homeowners hire house cleaning Calgary is for them to have more time to relax. To have more family time and still enjoy a newly-cleaned home. It’s hard to deep clean everything, every time. That is why many people hire cleaners to pull of cleanliness. True cleanliness that is. Professional cleaners just know best how to properly clean a house and give that brand new feeling to homeowners. Professional cleaners just don’t tidy up your house, but they help you maintain a serene and presentable environment.

These habits are simple, easy, and can save you time in the long run. If you want your house to appear clean, start with one of the habit mentioned above and insert it in your daily or weekly routine. If you’re going to transform your home, make cleaning a habit. Even when you have kids around, this is still possible by having them participate with the simple tasks. Instead of putting cleaning off or decide to do it at a later time, you do it now or schedule it in. You see, later never comes. Making cleaning a routine will make it easier. If you learn to establish these habits, you’ll learn to avoid wasted time. Good cleaning habits will help you become more efficient.

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