Renovating your home for selling your property


Breathing new life into a home can be a great way to add value to it and increase the chances of selling it. This can be done by adding some simple renovation and refurbishment, often at affordable prices. Here we share some top tips for renovating your home to have it in top spec for potential buyers.

Keep it simple

The beauty of a blank canvas and the way it invites you to put your mark on it has never been more relevant than when selling a home. Opt for simple colours and furnishings that create a blank canvas feel and look, so potential buyers can use their imagination and envisage putting their own stamp on the place. Using white or cream coloured paints and keeping fabrics light and breezy should create the perfect blank canvas for your would-be buyers to imagine how they may want to transform the place into their own. Little touches such as candles, flowers and pictures on the wall can bring life, warmth and colour to a home.

Replace walls with windows

The best advice for creating a light and airy living space is to add more windows in. This makes the room seem bigger and adds value, as well as increasing desirability. Sliding sash windows make an attractive feature that entice would be buyers to enjoy poking their heads out to scope out views. Elegant and streamlined they’ll complement your homes décor and create an inviting presence for visitors looking to view your property. Ensure all windows are in good working order. Mighton Products have steel sash weights to recalibrate sash windows and have them gliding smoothly.

Light, gauzy fabrics and candles

Chances are you’ll be showing people around in the daytime, and as such showing the room’s natural light to the best of your ability is key. Choosing muslin or a light gauze fabric for curtains will allow plenty of natural light to filter through and make the room look its best. This also applies to the soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs. Keep them simple and light to achieve an inviting and ultimately sellable look!

Create more space

This can be achieved by moving some things around and potentially building up into the attic. Creating another room will add serious value and appeal to your house, whilst giving you more space to ensure the house looks decluttered. For an attic conversion, you might need to enlist the help of professionals but the investment will reap rewards when you come to selling your home adding an extra room or feature to the property. You may also consider applying for planning permission to extend other parts of the house or even building a conservatory or adding a roof to an existing one. If the buyers see you have put the effort in, this means there is less for them to do to achieve their dream house! Simple!

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