Reasons to Choose Reconstituted Limestone over Natural Limestone


Choosing the right material to build your home is a hard decision and takes a lot of consideration. After all, your house should last till your lifetime and even after that. Most houses use stone or wood due to their durability, however, another material which takes precedent in this regard is limestone. People know that many historical buildings used marble, otherwise know as limestone in their construction. What people don’t know is that natural limestone has certain disadvantages to it.

People mistakenly believe that natural limestone is the perfect building material and build their homes with it. A lot of people make this mistake. This article sheds light on the disadvantages of natural limestone and gives reasons to choose reconstituted limestone over it. First of all,

What is Natural Limestone?

Nature limestone building blocks are cut straight out of the limestone quarries and used as raw material. It is 100% limestone and this has a natural color and texture which many people desire. This texture is probably the only quality natural limestone can offer.

What is Reconstituted Limestone?

Reconstituted limestone is a mixture of crushed natural limestone and a small part of cement and water. It is then, made into limestone blocks to use in building houses. Raw material suppliers like Modular Masonry limestone blocks Perth gives a lot of attention to the composition of reconstituted limestone to make it more durable and long-lasting.

Reconstituted Limestone does not discolour

Natural limestone blocks are prone to discoloration after a few years because of their composition. They also grow moss as the age which makes you house unsightly. On the other hand, reconstituted limestone does not discolor even after two decades. This is due to the changes in the composition of blocks.

Reconstituted Limestone is stronger

Natural limestone is soft and consequently cannot hold the buildings together in extreme conditions. You will see damage to the basic structure of your house if you use natural limestone blocks as raw material but reconstituted limestone is stronger because of the cement in its composition. The main purpose of modifying natural limestone was to make it stronger while retaining the color and texture. Reconstituted limestone blocks keep your house standing in extreme weather or in case of natural disasters.

Reconstituted Limestone has more Textures

If you compromise a little on the desirable texture of natural limestone and choose reconstituted limestone, you will have more options. Not only reconstituted limestone blocks stronger but they also have more textures. You can modify the texture of reconstituted limestone according to your preference. This also allows for more options when it comes to texture the exterior of your house.

Reconstituted Limestone is less Expensive

Natural limestone is expensive due to its rarity, texture and color. Natural limestone is pure but reconstituted limestone is less expensive due to the impurities. But of we weigh the pros and cons of both types of limestone, it is obvious that reconstitute limestone is more advantageous and beneficial in the long run.

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