Kitchen Renovation Tips from Professional Kitchen Contractors



The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most bustling areas in any house. For those who love to cook, it becomes their favourite space to spend time in. An ideal kitchen should be the perfect amalgamation of function and aesthetics. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, we have compiled a list of the most useful kitchen remodelling tips, right from the minds of experts.


1.      Efficiency is key

It is best to visualize the three main points – the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. Think of arranging them in a triangle, with the stove on one side and the sink and refrigerator on the opposite side. Spacing out these three main points too far from each other can cause you unnecessary troubles when you are cooking.


2.      Layout

To make the space easily and safely accessible, separate the stovetop area from the island area. Doing so will ensure that you can conveniently carry on cooking even with a large number of people in the kitchen. Similarly, consider placing the refrigerator in a corner so that it can easily be accessed by you as well as other people in the house.


3.      Lighting and colours

Smaller kitchens work best with light colours and ample lighting. You can add unique wall fixtures and sconces to add a design element to an otherwise simple kitchen. Incorporate as much natural lighting as you can to open up the space.


4.      Improve storage space

Cabinets can add an interesting design element to every kitchen and needs to be very functional as well. In order to combine both these aspects, consider incorporating open shelves that can hold bottles of oil and spices, as it can be efficient to access and can be spruced up for visual appeal as well. Wide drawers that can be pulled out will help you in reaching out to the utensils stored at the back without having to hunch over to find them.


5.      Space out your cooking area

Countertops can be incorporated into the key areas of the kitchen where you can prep your meals. Professionals also suggest the use of a ‘landing space’ near microwaves or stovetops that can be helpful when handling hot utensils. Experts also suggest using marble, as the surface is relatively easy to clean and also ages beautifully.


6.      Accessibility

Remember to design the kitchen in a way that can allow you to move around conveniently and also get the job done on time. Incorporate sufficient electric points for all your appliances. Remember to keep children’s favourite snacks in a place that is easily accessible to them. Breakfast bowls and cereal boxes can be stored neatly in one corner so that you don’t have to scramble to find them early in the morning.


The biggest takeaway from this list is to consider longevity. Investing in the right pieces that suit your vision and that can last for years to come is the ideal way to renovate the kitchen of your dreams. For all your kitchen renovation needs, check out Reno-Assistance kitchen contractors Toronto for the best deals and tips.

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