How to Renovate Home to Boost Selling Value

Buying a home is a large investment. So, buyers tend to be more careful when buying a used house. So you need to make sure that your house is in top condition so that you can get more potential buyers and sell your house for more value. Else, your buyers may not come back after a property visit. So, we have brought you some ideas on how you can renovate your home to boost selling value.

1.    Paint

The simplest and most effective way to boost the selling value of your house is to paint it. Any room that is freshly painted looks new and fresh, which can boost the selling price by a lot. However, your buyer may not have the same taste of color as you have. So, make sure that you pick a color that can appeal to the maximum number of people.

Buying paint in bulk is cheap, so you will have enough money to buy other equipment. This is the easiest way to boost selling value.

2.    Detailed Inspection

Besides cosmetic changes, you also need to make sure that your home is in good condition. Bad quality or leaky roofs, old electrical systems, creaky floors, or broken pipes can reduce your selling value by a lot. If the buyer finds out the hidden flaw, it can have a negative effect on sales. Also, these small issues become bigger as time passes, and repairs will get more expensive. So, you should hire an inspector who would find out these issues and then fix them as quickly as possible.

3.    Furnish your Home

Homes with furniture and other furnishings sell for a greater value. You can add furniture to your home before presenting it to your buyer. Make sure that you buy furniture and décor that are appealing to a greater public. If you have older furniture, make sure you renovate them by adding laminates, re-upholstering or painting, so that they look fresh. This can greatly increase the selling value.

Adding additional décors like paintings or showpieces will also help in increasing the value of your house. A unique idea for home décor is DNA portraits. They are portraits of you but made using your DNA. Your DNA portrait will be different from anyone else’s, but it can appeal to a greater audience as modern art since it is a subtle form of portrait.

4.    Add Some Greenery

You can put plants in your house to increase its selling value. They make your rooms look beautiful while filtering out all the harmful components present in the air. A fresh and good-looking room will always sell for a greater value.

You can place green plants that don’t consume too much space and keeps your room fresh. You can also keep medicinal potted plants like aloe vera, basil, and many more. To make your room look beautiful, you can add flowers and orchids.

However, the new owner may not have enough time to spend on plants regularly. So, make sure that the plants you keep in your house are native to the area and drought resistant. You can also add cacti if you want to design your room in a modern way. If you have a yard, planting a tree will be a good idea.

5.    Pocket-Friendly Luxuries

One way to increase the value of your house is to add simple luxuries that will not cost much to set up. You can install a water filtration system, which can provide you with clean water. This will reduce dependency on bottled water and cut grocery costs. You can also install an efficient water heating system. It can save energy and money, and you can get hot water any time you want.

6.    Improve Air Quality

Keeping a healthy environment inside the house will attract a lot of buyers. We have already talked about keeping plants in the house, but there are several other ways to improve the air quality of your home.

Room décor like carpets can contain hidden contaminants and germs if they are old and not maintained regularly. Also, some surfaces can also hold odor, which can decrease the value of your house.

You can determine which things in your house need to be replaced by hiring a professional who would test the air quality of your house and suggest the required changes. You can replace carpets and rugs with new ones. You can also change the flooring with some material that is easy to clean and will not hold any odor.  New flooring will not only make your room healthy but will also look new, which can be more appealing to potential buyers.

7.    Make the Bathroom Look Fresh

A customer always desires a clean and fresh bathroom when looking for houses. That is why changing the looks of your bathroom is a good idea. You don’t have to make a full remodel, but you can make some changes like replacing tiles or changing the lighting.

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