How to Redecorate Your Home for Optimum Resale Value


Selling a home can be a long process and you don’t always get the kind of offers which you hope for. People are, after all, hoping to barter and get the best price for them. As the seller, obviously, lots of underpriced offers can be quite disheartening. You love your home, why are people not offering the price you think it deserves?

Oftentimes, it can be the little things which ruin your home’s chances at a quick sale at a price you don’t find insulting. A strange coloured wall, bad smell thanks to a misbehaving pet or something similar can ruin your home’s chances. Which means that a touch of redecorating may be required in order to ensure you achieve optimum resale value.

This can be done in the period before selling the home, so in the 6 months to a year when you are considering putting the house on the market. Because, of course, there’s always a better time of year to sell a property. Seasonal trends can impact your decision to sell a house – especially if you’re looking to buy as well – so, you may have plenty of time to make necessary changes.


Remove Personal Items

First and foremost, try and remove as much of your personal items as possible prior to people coming to view the house. It may seem a bit premature, you are still living in the space, but it can actually really help the process. As the less of you there is in the space, the more potential buyers can imagine the space as their own.

You may love the pictures of your children, but a prospective buyer will just be disconnected. So, it’s best to pull these down just prior to the start of people viewing your home for real.

Pet pictures can stay – everyone loves a cute puppy photo!


And Clutter!

When we live anywhere for long periods of time it is almost inevitable that we gather clutter. It can’t be helped, but it isn’t exactly an attractive thing for a potential buyer to see. Piles of letters, a collection of empty shampoo bottles in the bathroom and more can just seem messy to buyers. Any evidence of your daily lives, realistically, needs to be put away to ensure you don’t put anyone off.

Refresh the Walls

The quickest and easiest way to give a little bit of new life to your home is fairly simple. A quick coat of paint doesn’t take long to do, but the effect can be long lasting to say the least. It can also be an easy fix for a tired looking room.

Try for neutral colours. Anything garish can be off-putting to potential buyers, as they may see it as an additional thing they will need to take care of if they do buy the house. Or they might not be able to imagine themselves living there with hot pink walls acting as a distraction – you have to weigh these things up!


Add Some Focal Furniture

The furniture that inhabits a space can really change the whole look and feel. Which is why you need to be conscious of the furniture that inhabits your space and how it affects the whole feel.

Is that chair in the corner simply taking up too much room and making it look smaller than it should? Or are those bookshelves too cluttered and full of books? If so, moving the chair or sorting through your shelves can be a simple afternoon job which will seemingly magically transform the space.

Good examples include an attractive kitchen dining set, some interesting garden features, a few cool gadgets such as your very own sound system, and other things of that nature. Ideally, these things should improve your life – and be easy to take with you when you move – whilst also giving you the benefit of improving the look of the space for potential buyers.


Create a Pleasant Smell

There is nothing more off-putting to a potential buyer than a bad smell. Whether it’s the persistent little smells that come part and parcel to long-term living or you have pets, there’s bound to be some smells that other people won’t find inviting. Removing or masking them, as much as humanly possible, then, can be very important to the sellability of your home.

A good carpet shampooing, if you have pets, lighting some candles and – the old faithful – of baking some bread beforehand can all be great ways to quickly improve your homes smell.


Final Thoughts

Selling your home can be a long process if you fail to prepare. Improve your aesthetic from day one of selling and you may be surprised by how fast the house goes! The more attractive your house is, the more likely someone will want to buy it. So, don’t hesitate to start the process today!

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