How To Make House Painting More Enjoyable


Living in any type of residence brings with it a wide array of responsibilities. This is especially true when you own a home. Not only does a home require general day-to-day care, it also requires long-term maintenance. This includes many things such as remodeling, roof repairs or replacements, floor replacement, and painting. All of these things require multiple tools as well as specific skill sets. It is entirely possible for a given individual to possess or obtain the necessary skills, but this is not always the case. When this happens, it is time to call in the professionals. It is not always easy to find the best painters in your area. That is why it is a good idea to have a list of tips, ideas, and information to make the process easier. This is precisely what you will find here, a list of information regarding finding the best painters in the Denver area as well as what you will need if you decide to undertake the project yourself.

The first step is to decide whether or not you want to do the painting yourself. One of the biggest deciding factors will be where the painting needs to be done. If the goal is to repaint the outside of the house, the project is decidedly larger than if it is the inside that needs painting. The outside of a house is really a project for more than one person. One of the biggest reasons for this is safety measures regarding ladders. If you decide to paint the inside of the house, you will need a few supplies. The most obvious needed material is the paint itself, but there are several other items needed. This includes painters tape, drop cloths, paint rollers, paint trays, paint brushes, sandpaper, putty, and a putty knife. The first thing you will need to do is remove all furniture and wall decorations as well as any curtains from the room you are going to be working on. Then you will need to wipe down the walls to remove any grit or grease. Then, fill in any and all unwanted holes or cracks in the wall with the putty. Once that has set, sand down the patched areas to make sure they are flush with the rest of the wall. Next, use the painter’s tape to line the edges at the top and bottom of the wall as well as around any outlets or light switches. Finally, begin painting. To make the paint last longer, use a sealer over the paint after it dries.

If you have decided that you would prefer to hire a team of professionals to handle your painting project, you will want to make sure that you hire the very best company. Denver Colorado has several excellent painting companies to choose from, which makes finding the best one for your project even more difficult. The first step you need to take is to decide exactly what specifications you want the company to meet. One of the biggest factors for most people is the price. Generally speaking, people have a strict budget to adhere to for the entire project. This means that you must find a company with reasonable prices as well as the ability to stick to your schedule and budget. Once you begin your search, immediately eliminate any company that has prices out of your price range. The next consideration is usually distance. The farther a company has to travel, the more they usually charge. This goes back and becomes a part of the first factor. Many other factors tend to be entirely personal and unique to the individual.


The next step is to research which companies are in your area. This is can be done several different ways, but the most common is through a simple internet search. Head to your favorite search engine uses search terms such as ” Denver CO painters” or “best painters in Denver”. To simplify this search for you, here is a short list of the top choices.

Denver CertaPro Painters – Very well rated company. Only listed complaint is high prices.
Singletrack Painting – Based on Madison Street with a response time of forty minutes. A one hundred percent Yelp rating.
New Perspective Painting – Located in Southwest Denver, response time of ten minutes. One hundred percent Yelp rating.
Snyder Painting – Located on South Birch Street with a response time of thirty minutes. This company has a one hundred percent rating on Yelp.
District Paint – Located in Northeast Denver. Response time, thirty minutes. Yelp rating, one hundred percent.

This is not a complete list of painting companies located within Denver, it is simply a list of some of the top rated companies. Once you have a list of potential companies to hire, you must start the process of narrowing down the list to find your ideal company. To do this, you will begin by comparing each one to the list of requirements you compiled. Look at what each company offers, do they ever run specials, what is their average pricing, how far away are they, and any other important factor. Next, you will want to look at reviews for each company. Yelp is a fantastic resource for finding reviews, but there are several other sites available online that should not be overlooked. Another method for obtaining reviews is to inquire of your social group. A fantastic outlet for this is social media platforms. Some platforms such as Facebook offer special tools for just such a purpose. It is often more comforting to gain reviews and recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues over complete strangers.

This has been a compilation of useful information and tips to help you get your home painted with as much ease as possible. If you choose to undertake the project on your own, here is one final tip. If you have never done this type of painting before, take a bit of time and watch a few videos on YouTube, tutorials if you will. This way you can gain some needed information and experience. If, on the other hand, you have decided to hire a team of professionals, be sure to keep searching until you find the company that matches your required criteria and do not settle for less.

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