How to design the perfect teen bedroom



For a teenager, their bedroom is their safe space. They spend most of their time in this space, especially now that school classes are online rather than in person. It is important that their bedroom is a place they feel happy and inspired in, fits their style and aesthetic, and has enough space for them to personalise and change it as they grow and learn new things. Involving your kids in the design process is a fun and easy way to understand their current perspective and work with it. Here are some ways you can design the perfect teen bedroom.


Colours and Tones

The first step in designing your teen’s bedroom is choosing the colours and tones. Involving the kids while doing this is extremely important. An easy and interesting way would be to create mood boards with them. Pinterest is an excellent source to gather material for them along with Instagram. You can also look in magazines and books that discuss interior designing for young adults.

You can also follow the three-colour theory which suggests choosing a combination of three colours for the entire bedroom. One colour for the walls and ceiling, one for bigger accents like the bed and tables and one for smaller décor like bedsheets and pillows.

Teen bedrooms are always changing because they are always changing. They will want to move the furniture and rearrange the place multiple times, decorate it differently and change it according to their growing personalities. The best way to enable them to do this in the future is to go for neutral-coloured walls. Neutral colours work with every colour and are therefore very adaptable to change. Wooden furniture is also a good place to start as it can be painted over.

For the small décor, let your kids go crazy and choose whatever colours they like. These are temporary décor that is easy to change.

It’s important to remember that they are teenagers and as they grow and learn, they change and so does their choices. Choosing colours and tones that allow them to express their current self while also being adaptable in future is important when designing the perfect teen bedroom.


Lots of natural light

Teens love being cooped up in their bedroom, it’s their hub! And often, this space can get dark and dingy. If your teen prefers it that way, they might not like it in the future. Having large windows that provide enough sunlight is therefore important. If your teenager wants to keep the room dark, install some blackout curtains over some sheer or linen curtains so they have the option to experiment at their convenience.

If the room does not get enough sunlight naturally, you can opt to get a skylight that will allow them to get direct sunlight.

Young adults are still growing and are hence going through a lot of confusing and scary phases, which can make them feel down. Natural light is, therefore, considered extremely important for teenagers as it helps in reducing stress, increasing positive vibes, and providing inspiration.



They might be interested in painting today and video games tomorrow or they might pick up reading after watching a movie on it- The bottom line is that teenagers have changing interests. They are evolving and growing, and so are their hobbies, so having enough storage to store their clothes, stuff for their new hobbies and other décor is important, or their room will become messy in no time.

Try adding storage below their beds, on the walls through shelving and dressers and study tables. Add extra shelves if required. This though can decrease the movable space around the room. An easy way to fix that is by wall-mounting their television and getting rid of the TV shelving unit. You can easily get your TV aerial installation by clicking here.


Go simple

We suggest going simple and then allowing your kids to decorate in any way they want. Rugs, carpets, décor – let them make the colour decisions for things that can be easily removed and replaced while you make decisions for the permanent things- the walls and the furniture.

Keep the room décor simple and let them personalize it with pictures, art, or anything else that they might like. DIY is your best friend if you want to make your décor on a budget. Going simple at first gives your kids the room to grow and change the room as they would like and will allow you to create the perfect teen bedroom

If your kids are creative, encourage them to make art to put around the room. This will encourage their innovation and creativity and will give them a direction on personalization.


In the end, it is important to remember that it is your kids that are going to spend all their time in the room and the bedroom needs to cater to their styles.


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