How to design a spanking new house to make it a home


Buying a newly-built house is an exciting experience, and the first time you enter your property is magic. There are definitely advantages to being the first one with the keys. The place will be clean and ready for decoration, so you can easily move in with your boxes, belongings and furniture right away, knowing that all you have to do initially is to unpack. A removals company like can be of great assistance with this. If you need temporary storage it’s as easy as googling your location and the word self storage, so for example, ‘self-storage essex‘ will yield companies such as Big Blue Squirrel Self Storage in Essex.

First things first. Are you still on the property market looking for that one home? As you know, the first thing towards creating a homey home goes beyond just the home. It will help to look at reputable developers who sell brand new Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney house and land packages. Of course, could be anywhere you like, but the above cities are currently booming with new, beautiful communities in awesome suburbs.

After settling in, you might begin to notice that some of your furniture or items doesn’t quite fit in the new space, and even though the woodwork and walls don’t need to be repainted, some of the décors may look a bit dull. It’s now time to put a stamp on your new property. Here are some ideas to turn your new built house into a home.

Invest in your kitchen. Your kitchen is undoubtedly the soul of your home. It’s the one place, along with the bedroom and bathroom that needs your attention. Repaint countertops if necessary, invest in good tools and cookware, add a touch of design by installing some wall pictures or accents.  A good lighting also goes a long way to making the kitchen your home’s prime respite.

Furnish with colour and texture. If you think that the house or some of the rooms look a little bland when you move in, don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to repaint everything. There are plenty of ways to bring a little personality into your scheme without touching paintbrush. Add rugs, cushions, throws and bedspreads – you’d be amazed at the difference these can make.

Purchase and install quality curtains. There’s nothing quite like the effect of luscious long curtains to add a little luxury to a room. Investing in some cozy drapes in the fabric you prefer will greatly lift a room, and they’ll be a pleasure to open or close in the morning and at night.

Personalize your bathroom. Every bathroom should be a sanctuary and while the bathing space in a newly-built home might be very nice, chances are it won’t boast a lot of personalities. It’s up to you to spice things up. If you have extra budget, think about going for that luxury you’ve always wanted, or it might be a simpler change, such as a paint accenting, a new shower curtain or screen, and an indulgent bath mat set.

Upholster a headboard. Upholstering your headboard instantly creates a glamorous and comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom. Headboards aren’t just there to protect the wallpaper from your head; instead, give the wall behind the bed a nice treatment.

End Note

Now you have some ideas how to make your new house into a home. Are you moving in soon? Still looking for that piece of property for a specific community? Share it with us below.

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