How to Best Decorate Your Overseas Home Property


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Have you invested in a new overseas home property? Well, congratulations! Now comes the fun part – decorating! While the process will be very similar to embellishing your primary residence, there are a few things you need to keep in mind so that your new home feels not only like a grand getaway but also like a home away from home.


With that in mind, take a look at these three extensive bits of advice (and ideas) on how to decorate your overseas home property. Once you implement them, we guarantee that you won’t ever want to leave.


Make it well-intentioned but unique

Your overseas property, just as much as your home, tells people who and what you are. A beautifully designed house or apartment not only helps lift your image in your social circle but it will also make your guests feel comfortable.


Most importantly, however, is that your home abroad is well-intentioned and unique as well as reflecting your interests and aspirations. So when decorating it, make sure you bring personal and different elements that have a story to tell every time you look at them. Your overseas home should be an enjoyable and happy place.


That said, our favorite idea by far is decorating with puzzles. Yes, you heard us right! Everybody knows that puzzles are a great and fun activity for adults and children and a real mental workout. Yet puzzles can be valuable in other ways too.


Have you ever lost a few puzzle pieces and then ended up throwing the entire stock away? Well, why not put those colorful pieces to use? Why not try creating art with them?


You can make a puzzle mirror frame by gluing puzzle pieces on your old mirror or table coasters. You can even be intentional and create a unique puzzle coffee table, using custom puzzles designed by independent artists, achieving a high degree of originality. Imagine the impact this artful coffee table will have on your room’s overall design and feel.





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Keep the basics in mind


Decide how you want it: This aspect is critical, and there is no right or wrong way of choosing and implementing your design style. It all depends on your taste. You can opt for traditional or modern, or formal or relaxed. The decorating style should reflect your taste, but also your lifestyle. Are you a person who regularly hosts large dinner parties or someone who eats out?


Naturally, the person who plans to host lavish parties should have a different living room than the person who dreams only of lounging in front of the TV. That said, before you embark on your decorating trip, to the best of your ability, determine how you would like to live and feel in a space. Lastly, consistency is key to a beautiful and refined interior. When you do it right, it will help your home’s aesthetic feel intentionally cohesive and bring the resort-feel to your home.


Mind the colors, furniture, fabrics, and flooring: The location of your overseas home property should play a role in your interior design. Consequently, keep in mind that walls, floors, and ceilings with a pale color reflect heat, and light, dark colors absorb them. Naturally, you should always use colors you love and regulate your moods. Use beautiful and suitable shades to create visual harmony around you. The soothing colors or the bright shades can help with your mood and positive thinking.


On the other hand, unlike your walls, avoid light-colored fabrics for your furniture – they can stain easily. Instead, go bold and use the sofas, for example, to add a burst of color. When having an overseas home in a warm (or hot) climate area, avoid leather and opt for soft linens that are cool to the touch and amazingly hard wearing.


When it comes to flooring, well, that is one of the most significant aspects in keeping your overseas home cool or warm. Tiles can help maintain overall temperatures down indoors, and wood can keep the warmth inside. In any case, don’t forget to soften the more comfortable areas, such as the living room or reading area, with rugs to give it an even more welcoming feel.





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Open up the place, embrace nature and let the vacation spirit in

Keep some open space, especially in front of large windows and patio doors. That will help you to maximize the natural light in the room, allow air to circulate, and essentially make the area feel bigger. Furthermore, the more sunlight your place has, the more fresh and cheerful you will feel.


Natural light is also essential if you want to decorate with plants and bring nature indoors. For example, suppose the climate allows it. In that case, you can get a little bit of tropical beauty by adding orange or lemon trees in large planters. Another and more traditional strategy is to use potted plants and fresh flowers. This idea is very convenient since these fresh accents can be put everywhere, including the bathroom (yes, some plants thrive in humid environments).


Want your overseas home to have that relaxing vacation feel? Then extend the indoors out with free-standing canopies or opt for adding a backyard hammock that lets you rock while catching up on your favorite readings. If your property has a yard, you can even make a fountain with few large stones, a pump, and municipal water. Another yard idea is a fire pit that is perfect for roasting marshmallows and enjoying romantic nights with your loved one.


The bottom line

There is never a single right or wrong answer when it comes to designing your place. However, there are always go-to basic rules that can help you achieve what you want. That said, we hope that our tips and ideas will help you better implement your designing decision and create the overseas home of your dream.


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