Home Staging Tips: Flowers and Greenery



There’s no ifs and buts about it that staging your home can be one of the most fun yet hectic tasks ever. There’s just so much you have to work on and so much to consider if you want to get the best price for your house.


The reason why you landed on this blog because you are looking forward to putting your house on the market and selling it as soon as possible. But before you do that, you need to understand that rushing things won’t let you get the best price that you are expecting.


Remember, staging your house is always meant to putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and thinking about how they’ll feel when they step into your house.


Of course, the very first thing people consider is the cleanliness of your house and how well-constructed it is. But that’s not it! They do consider how well you’ve maintained and decorated the interior, and this is exactly what we are going to talk about today.


When it comes to decorating a house, the very first thing that clicks in people’s mind is flowers and greenery. Adding flowers and greenery to your house can give away a very attractive, fresh, and the clean impression which is exactly what you need to impress your customers and get the best price for your house.


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Tips to Consider When Decorating Your House with Flowers and Greenery


The entire idea and task of home staging using flowers, plants and greenery can be very exciting but confusing at the same time.


It’s confusing because when it comes to flowers and plants, there are hundreds of different options, and each one of them appears best suitable. This can put you in a very confused state, which is common.


To help you here, today we are going to jot down some of the best home staging tips using flowers and greenery, so take note if you really want to get the best price in the market.


1-Opt for floor plants


This one is especially for those who want to decorate the interior of their house in the best possible way.

Believe it or not, adding floor plants to your living space can really spice up your entire home staging task and you will fall in love with the feeling your house will be giving.


One of the best things about floor plants is the versatility with which they come.


So if you see any space in your living area where something feels a little off or incomplete then just add a small floor plant to it and see how it enhances the feeling of freshness.


Just make sure that whatever plant you add in your space, it should be under proper lighting, its size and scale. They should be perfectly suitable for the place that you are putting it into.


2-Using Orchids


Most of the times when people add flowers or plants in their space (interior or exterior), they think that green is the only color option they have. However, when it comes to home staging, you should think a little out of the box to get the best results. For example, instead of adding greens, wouldn’t it be better if you opt for orchids?


The idea of colorful orchids seems quite appealing, which is why you should definitely consider it once.


The best thing about orchids is that they possess some real time aromatherapy benefits and they are the best option if you want to add a little pop look around.


3-Succulents & Cacti

Adding Succulents & Cacti to your house can be one of the best decisions ever because it has a different kind of attraction that the other sensitive green plants don’t have.


On the other hand, these plants are easy to maintain, and they don’t die off easily, which is why you should definitely think about using them once in your home staging process.


These two desert plants are amazing in all the possible ways because they can fit in any environment easily.


4-Using Hanging Pots for Your Outdoor Space


If you have a white wall in your outdoor space, all you have to do is to use some hanging pots and hang them on the wall to create a rustic and unique look.


Believe it or not, hanging pots look extremely appealing and attractive, and you can add some greenery to them to enhance their beauty even more.


Furthermore, when you opt for the hanging pots, use the same colors and the same size for uniformity.


5-Creating A Living Wall


If there’s a wall in your outdoor space that looks empty and if you want to cover it with some greenery, then opt for a living wall.


A living wall can cover that space for you with greenery, making it look more attractive and it adds a unique look to it. You should definitely go for this idea!


For home staging, it’s a great idea as it will just give away a transformative modern look.


These are some of the most useful tips to consider during home staging with flowers and greenery. We’ve mentioned just a few tips where there’s a lot more you can do only if you know how to put yourself in the shoes of your customers.


We assure you that with these tips you’ll see a visible difference in your house. Whoever comes to have a look at it, he or she will end up get impressed with how you’ve decorated and maintained your living space.


Now without waiting any further, get some good plants or flowers delivered to your place and decorate it all to sell your house at a better price.

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