Get your home summer ready


Just as the seasons change from month to month, so should your home, and moving from winter to summer means saying ‘goodbye’ to the snuggly throws and twinkling Christmas accessories, and ‘hello’ to bright fresh colours and a cool calm ambience within your home.

There are a number of ways to get your home ready for summer this year, and not all of them need to cost the earth or mean redesigning every room of your home. In fact, by taking inspiration from top interior designers, and industrial spaces such as cloud ceilings, your house could feel very different with just a few dollars spent in some key areas.

 So if you’re ready to move your home from dull and dreary to sunny and sizzling, then read on for some summer inspiration:

Give it a ‘summer’ clean

Your house has been a warm cosy haven for your family during the winter months, so it goes without saying that it may have collected a little extra dust in various places than usual. The first part of any summer makeover involves throwing the windows open wide and giving it a really good clean from top to bottom. This includes cleaning the windows and giving sofa cushions a good plump and clean.

 You’ll be surprised how much additional ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated over the past few months and tidying and clearing any messy corners or work surfaces will immediately make your house look and feel brighter and fresher.

A lick of paint

I’m not talking about repainting every single wall as this is not necessary to creating a summer vibe, but possibly creating a feature wall in a lounge or bedroom using bright, funky colours. Painting a single wall in a complementary colour can give a room a completely new feel and won’t cost the earth or involves hours of time.

 Alternatively if your house is small or dark consider repainting main living areas in bright, clean white. You’ll be amazed how much additional light and space this creates.

 Change soft furnishings

You won’t need that chunky woollen sofa blanket for a while, and the thick velvet curtains are blocking most of the morning light. Box up anything that doesn’t scream ‘sunshine’ at you and put it into storage until later this year.

 Ethnic prints and nautical stripes are huge this summer and adding a few cushions in either of these fabrics will quickly transform your lounge.

Bring the inside out

Make your garden an extra room of your house by investing in some summer furniture. There are some amazing ranges of garden furniture available at very affordable prices, which will allow you to make the most of your garden during the warmer months.

 Hammocks make fun and unusual seating areas and will give your outdoor space an ethnic vibe when teamed with summery throws and cushions.

 Pimp your garden

Don’t forget your lawn and plants when deep cleaning your house and make sure they are well trimmed and free from weeds. Add to any existing flower beds by planting bright coloured bedding plants in wooden packing crates and placing them around your garden. Finish the look with bright bunting and twinkling fairy lights hanging from walls and fences.

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