Four Ways to Effectively Furnish and Stage Your Vacation Rental Property


So many people are recognizing the power of real estate investing. It’s an excellent way to pass down wealth to the next generation. The exciting fact is that there’s more than one way to invest in real estate. You can invest by purchasing a home, sprucing it up and reselling it on the market. You can also purchase homes as a wholesaler. Another way that many people are building wealth through real estate is through creating temporary rental properties. If you’d like to create a stunning vacation rental property that’s always booked with great guests, consider the following ways you’ll want to furnish and stage the space.

1. Pay attention to details.

If the floorboards aren’t clean, make sure they’re taken care of. If the corners of the shower are black, know that this will need to be worked on. Just because you’re used to seeing a property in a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s okay. Of all the details to consider, cleanliness is the top priority. No one wants to rent a dirty vacation property. Pay attention to dust that’s collecting. If the plates or coffee mugs need to be replaced because they’re stained, get rid of them.

2. Refrain from investing in expensive upgrades.

While hardwood floors or ceramic tile floors might seem really attractive, they can also get extremely expensive. This might be a great investment when you’re preparing to flip a property. However, when you have tenants, they’re not going to care about maintaining your property. Knowing this, invest in great-looking options that are not as pricey. Durability and beauty come together well when you consider options like laminate floors. If you do your research, sites like will show you all of the possibilities you can enjoy.

3. Purchase white linens.

White linens might seem extremely difficult to maintain, but it’s all about making sure your dry cleaner knows how to effectively bleach and keep your whites clean. Clean, white linens will leave your customers feeling more comfortable. It’s very hard to hide any stains when you use white linens. From the towels to the bedding, it’s better to focus on all-white options. Plus, it’s very easy to maintain a crisp, clean look with an all-white focus.

4. Find ways to make a huge impact.

Sometimes, it’s easier to make a huge impact by keeping things minimal. If you have simple furniture and stunning artwork on the walls, you’ll easily create a look that’s inviting and beautiful. A few accessories like a fresh bouquet of flowers or a faux tree in the corner of the room can make a room look well-maintained and professional.

As you implement these tips, you’ll find other ways to improve the process. It’s also okay to take a look at what other property owners are doing in order to improve their listings. When it’s time for you to travel on vacation, rent a property to get some ideas and inspiration. As you research and get more acquainted with how to effectively maintain a beautiful rental property, your success rate will only skyrocket.




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