Finding the Right Bed Size


Beds are one of the most commonplace furniture pieces inside a house, and this is where people sleep. However, there are times when the bed purchased by an individual does not match his or her body size. Couples who only have a single bed would also notice that it is too small to fit two people, resulting in difficulties in sleeping. Finding the right bed size is an important thing to consider when buying beds, and there are different sizes that people should keep in mind. In the United States, the most common bed sizes are twin size (also called single), double size , full size, queen size, king size, and the larger sizes (Standard king size, also known as the Eastern King Bed, and the California King Bed, also known as the Western King Bed).

When visiting a home furniture store, sales persons have the knowledge to pinpoint the kind of bed that someone is looking for. They can identify it based on the bed’s dimensions – measuring the length and width. Through the years, bed manufacturers have created a standard definition of what the bed sizes should be. It is important so that they could pinpoint how much materials they will be used to manufacture the bed, and how much resources they would need to spend. It would also enable the bed manufacturers to determine how much they would need to sell their products to recoup how much they have spent in creating the furniture piece. Through the years, many people have been used to know these sizes, guiding them in choosing the right bed size for their homes.

Twin beds, also known as single beds, are more commonly used for children’s rooms. It can also be used inside a small guest room. The dimension is usually 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. This type of bed can be found usually in small homes with small rooms, and it is the cheapest of all beds. Despite having the lowest price, this bed might not be suitable for people who are tall because they might not easily fit. Twin extra-long beds, which are five inches longer compared to a standard twin bed, were created to accommodate taller people. It is used extensively inside a school dormitory, and it uses twin extra long mattress for added comfort.

Another bed size that can be seen frequently inside a home would be a double size bed and queen size beds. These beds can fit inside a regular-sized room, and it provides a comfortable sleeping experience for those who wanted a bigger sized bed without taking too much room space. Two people can sleep comfortably within a double size bed, as it comes in a dimension measured at 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. However, it only provides 27 inches of sleeping space for each person, which can be too small for some. On the other hand, queen size beds have the dimensions measured at 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, leaving a sleeping space of 30 inches per person. Sheet blankets are more commonly found for queen size beds, and it is cheaper compared to king size bed sheets. People who are looking at new homes would consider buying a queen size bed for their bedroom because it would certainly fit inside.

Finally, there are what bed manufacturers refer to as king size beds. These beds are standard king size and California king size, which are also referred to as the Eastern King size and the Western King size. The differences between the two beds are their length and width. The standard king size is four inches wider than the California king size. However, the latter is four inches longer than the former. The sleeping space provided by king size beds can be compared to the space occupied by a twin (single) bed. People who only have twin beds inside their homes are actually combining two separate pieces together to create a king size bed.

Having a nice and comfortable bed inside the home would ensure good night sleep. Bed size is also considered by individuals who are renting homes or checking inside hotels and other forms of accommodation. Without the bed size comparison, it would be difficult for someone to find the appropriate bed size that would fit them inside.

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