Dramatic Kitchen Décor: Is Black the New Grey?


Timeless, elegant grey is just that – timeless and elegant. Grey has served us perfectly in home décor, there’s no doubt about it. But are we getting a bit of grey overkill? It’s all a bit, well … grey actually!

Could it be time for a change? Spring is definitely in the air and as much as we’ve loved the timeless elegance of grey, we are craving a bit of drama. Aren’t you?

Well, it’s time to make way for black. It’s bold. It packs a punch. It’s definitely classy (think little black dress). And it’s making a cool, contemporary statement in kitchen design.

Not for the faint-hearted, black is a dramatic and punchy choice. It may on the face of it feel a little too much; a bit manly even. But if you can dare to take the plunge, black is definitely the new grey when it comes to on-trend kitchen design.

Kitchen design trends supporting the colour black

Black hasn’t appeared as a colour design trend in the kitchen completely by accident. Modern urban kitchens, fashionable industrial themed kitchens, and monochromatic colour schemes have given black and other dark colours a platform.

Urban modern kitchens are combining greys, blacks and white in their colour scheme. Slick gadgetry, smart appliances, handless cabinets and utilitarian freestanding units combine to conform to chic urban style. There’s definitely no room for flowery Cath Kidston kitchen items here. And forget cupcake baking. A New York baked cheesecake will do.

Industrial themed kitchens have a back to basics feel about them. The use of concrete, bare brick walls and exposed pipes all feature. Black cabinetry adds to the mood. Shelves made with reclaimed wood painted a dark charcoal or black also fits with the industrial theme.

Monochromatic colour schemes in kitchens with classic black or white have been a favourite in recent years, but with a considerable leaning towards white. But 2017 is seeing a more confident use of black in the kitchen.

High gloss kitchens are one of the most popular trends in kitchen design in recent years. High gloss kitchens are ultra-modern. The black gloss kitchen, in particular, is visually stunning and makes a real style statement.

Fixtures and fittings in the kitchen are also being dressed in black. Black steel and other burnished metals are taking the place of polished stainless steel. Black kitchen taps are the latest trend co-ordinating the dramatic colour theme.

Kitchen accessories have also become much more available in the colour black. Black glasses were all the rage a couple of years ago, and black kitchenware keeps pushing the boundaries. Black titanium cutlery is the latest addition to dramatic kitchenware, and it’s adding a quirky talking point at the urban dinner party. Black is one of Le Creuset’s popular colour choices for many of its cookware items.

Why choose a black gloss kitchen?

High-end black kitchens are a striking and sleek addition to contemporary living. Here are 5 great reasons you may want to choose a black gloss kitchen for your home:


  1. Great reflector of light; gloss kitchens are thoroughly modern and are great reflectors of light. 
  2. Standing out from the crowd; while white has been the most popular choice in gloss kitchens in recent years, black is now getting more attention. White gloss kitchens look cool too. There’s no doubt about it. But how many white gloss kitchens are there up and down the country? If you want something different to your neighbour, a black gloss kitchen will make an impact.
  3. Visually stunning; black gloss brings a wow-factor that other colours don’t seem to be able to quite live up to. If you are looking for something a bit more dramatic then, black gloss should definitely be a consideration in your kitchen makeover.
  4. Kitchen designers take the lead; more and more reputable kitchen design companies are offering black gloss options in their product ranges. They know they are on to a winner. Black gloss really works to make a spectacular impact. It’s OK to take a cue from those in the know.
  5. Dress to impress; just like the little black dress, if you want to dress your kitchen to impress, then black gloss will have everyone’s eyes fluttering. Black gloss kitchens create a visually sophisticated silhouette. So, when it comes to kitchen décor, go dark, and if you must stick with grey, make it charcoal.

Good luck with your kitchen redesign. Don’t be afraid to choose black if you really want to make a stylish impact. Black gloss kitchens are bang on trend.

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