Decorating Dos and Donts

When it comes to decorating your home, are you the ‘slap on a coat of magnolia paint’ type or do you like to plan out in precise style the location of the very last drop of gloss? No matter which type of interior decorating style you favour, there is a list of recognised dos and don’ts to adhere to.

Before you even think about decorating however you need to figure out what to do with the furniture in your home. Many people elect to leave it in place and then complain when it ends up paint spattered and virtually ruined. Others cover up with sheets, which provide some protection but not always totally. For best results it is beneficial to consider temporarily putting your furniture into a storage facility such as one run by

The rules
Do you dream of a beautiful white minimalist clean and perfect space? Do you have pets or children? If so then kiss goodbye to that idea! Yes, light tones look beautiful, however they are not always practical for family life. Choose carefully.

Don’t be scared of colour – embrace it and see just how it changes the look of a once bland and boring room. A wildly coloured feature wall is however far better than a wildly coloured entire room.

Do take a look around you. Look at friend’s homes, interior design magazines and take inspiration from your travels. Look at different periods and styles and throw your ideas together into an eclectic and personalised mix.

Don’t forget about updating your furnishings when you go for a huge change. You will likely have to discard those red velvet curtains when you paint your living room a natural mossy green.

Do ensure that you purchase a wide array of tester pots of paint in order to make an informed decision and choice on which colour will look best on your walls. A paint colour can look amazing on a tin and completely horrendous on your wall.

Don’t play ‘room by numbers’. That is to say that you should steer clear of having a ‘flat’ space which contains only plain and matching items in one formulaic colour. Add cushions, throws, curtains and accessories in contrasting colours in order to break things up.

Do ensure that you pick up a talking point to add interest to your room. This could be a striking painting, a beautiful and ornate piece of furniture, a colourful vase – anything you like in fact.

So when you decide to add a lick of paint to your home, it just goes to show how important it actually is to take many different factors into consideration. Don’t be exclusively focused on the new look of a room – think about how you will move around that room while painting, what you will do with the existing furniture, and how you might protect those items from being damaged. Decorating can be a great deal of fun and a very worthwhile experience when approached in the correct manner.

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