Curb appeal: Making the biggest impact with your garden

Over the past ten years it would be fair to say that ‘curb appeal’ has become one of the big buzzwords of real estate.

It’s something that rolls off the tongue of any estate agent worth his or her salt, and it’s for good reason.

In a nutshell, this is the term that refers to how a home looks from the curb. If you are looking to sell your property, this is something that you simply must get right in a bid to satisfy those elusive first impressions.

If you happen to have a garden, the curb appeal stakes are even higher. Through today’s piece, we will now take a look at how you can specifically fine tune your garden and score top marks for this elusive metric!

The wonders of mulch and borders

Looking for an instant, neat wow-factor? A combination of mulch and borders can do the trick.

The former is all about making this as fresh as can be, whilst also stopping weeds in their tracks. The only rule to be aware of? Don’t use too much.

In terms of borders, this can just keep everything in its place. This can be a slightly time-consuming job, but there are all sorts of guides that can help you keep your plants and flowers segregated, and not creeping between sections in your garden.

Don’t forget about the evening!

One of the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to curb appeal is having tunnel vision and just thinking about the daytime. Contrary to popular belief, curb appeal is about day and night – and the latter is often forgotten about.

Of course, there is only so much you can do with this, but one area which you can stay on top of is the lighting. Even if it is something such as simple as solar lights, you can still make sure all the best parts of your garden are illuminated in the evening and as such, tick the curb appeal boxes in the second part of the day.

Invest in focal points

We’re by no means suggesting that you should throw your entire budget to make sure your house has the best curb appeal in the neighborhood. After all, there are kitchens, bathrooms and all of the other high-profile renovations that are left for that!

Instead, this is all about making sure you spend shrewdly, and have at least one focal point in your garden. For many, this will be a sofa dining set, but other suggestions could be a water feature, ornament or even a large flower bed.

In other words, rather than making the house the focal point of the eye, try and introduce something else to inject an additional wow-factor.

If all else fails, stick to symmetry

Granted, some of the above might be a little more than you were expecting when you landed on this article. Unfortunately, curb appeal is an endless task, but there is a quick, cheap and high-impact method you can turn to if you’re on a budget.

This comes in the form of symmetry. Simply making sure that things are as symmetrical as can be in your garden can make the world of difference. This might mean having a plant pot or hanging basket on either side of the door, or making sure that your lighting follows a similar pattern. Regardless of your choice, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to implement.

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