Composite Door Sales to Increase Through to 2020


The composite door industry can expect to see ‘significant growth’ over the next four years, according to a report from Palmer Market Research.

Findings showed that the market for entrance doors was up by 2.2% to 1.4 million doors in 2015 and that installed value was up by 7.6% to £692 million.

The recently published Market for Domestic Entrance Doors report shows that composite doors now account for 50% of the market, rising to 54% by installed value with the inclusion of PVC/ABS faced doors.

Whilst the report is predicting that the door market will remain ‘almost static’ over the next five years, it is forecasting a 22% increase in composite door sales through to 2020.

Truedor composite doors Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Kirman, commented on the Palmer report:

“It is with interest that I read that Palmer is predicting a 22% in the market sector share of composite doors between now and 2020.  By any stretch of the imagination, that is a huge growth, and whether it is achieved or not we will only know at the time.  But I can understand his reasoning for thinking this – the consumer sector has really got an understanding now of ‘home make-over’.  This has come through a proliferation of magazines and television programmes on the subject, and the involvement of celebrities with relevant knowledge and experience, such as our own product ambassador, George Clarke.”

Richard Kirman believes that part of the predicted increase in sales of composite doors over the next few years will be down to the homeowner changing their mindset:

“Most of all homeowners have moved their mindset from thinking about a new front door as a distress purchase which can really change both the appearance and the feel of their home, and most importantly how they will feel in it.”

Mr Kirman also added that the composite door industry has played a big role with the increased range of door styles:

“This is a dynamic change, and it is to the credit of the composite door industry that it has recognised this change and risen to the challenges it has brought.  The range of door styles – from traditional to ultra-modern is now fantastic, as is the range of colours (we offer a bespoke painting service to ensure a customer can have exactly what they want), the availability of coloured outer frames, and the range of glass and hardware choices which are wider than they have ever been.”

Truedor more than doubled their sales between 2015 and 2016 and are looking for further success in the next few years:

“2016 proved to be a fantastic year for sales of IG Door’s Truedor products, with sales more than doubling those of the previous year.  The FIT Show gave us a huge boost and brought in many new trade customers.  Their efforts in selling to the market, supported by our Truedor Partner Programme, and the minimal effect of Brexit, helped us to achieve great things.  I for one think Palmer’s predictions are just about right.”

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