Choosing Blinds and Curtains for Different Rooms



The window treatments you choose play a huge role in your home’s overall feel and look. Besides the look, blinds, curtains, and drapes we choose for spaces more benefits which make the rooms suit your needs better. Unfortunately, window treatments come as an afterthought in home remodeling projects. A wrong window treatment choice is underwhelming and will water down even the best interior. 

When budgeting for home remodeling projects, the top list for most people is painting, furniture upgrades, or new flooring. Though often forgotten, blinds or curtains can change your room significantly. 

High-quality curtains and blinds can reduce heat loss by 40 percent. Considering heating repair services to check your AC in preparation for winter, consider investing in good curtains, drapes, or blinds. 

There are multiple designs of curtains and blinds, which makes choosing extremely difficult. Here is a guide to making it easier for you.


Curtains are homely and remain the most common window treatment for the living and lounge areas as they add to the space’s comfort and snugness. Since curtains come in a wide range of decorative fabrics, it is easy to pick one that complements the rest of the textiles like carpets, upholstery fabric, and other furnishings. If you love experimenting and adding visual interest to spaces, opt for curtains as they have more fabric options than blinds. 

Block-out curtains allow you to control the amount of light in your space and help regulate heat. When you want to light into your room but still love the curtain frame, consider pairing a delicate set of sheer with a thick pair of curtains. 

For the minimalist or homeowners who feel curtains are too ancient for your liking, consider blinds for your sitting room. Blinds give you a contemporary but timeless look. 


This personal haven allows you to choose what you want as it is a private space. This is a perfect opportunity to please you. When choosing a window treatment for the bedroom, consider what compliments the style of the bedroom. You may want to ask yourself what you can add to make the room more functional.

A big bedroom with equally massive windows needs extra-long curtains to give a design statement to the room. Silk or velvet also makes awesome curtains as they add a sophisticated style to the bedroom of a daring and upbeat person. If you have someone with sleep disorders or a child, furnish their windows with sleep-friendly block-out curtains or ‘total blackout‘ cassette blinds from DotcomBlinds anytime they need to sleep.. 

Block-out blinds provide the same effect as the block-out curtains but take a smaller space, hence a perfect pick for smaller bedrooms. Because of their less visual weight compared to the curtains, blinds are great for minimalist bedrooms. 


Kitchens are high-traffic zones and need a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean window treatment. Since blinds are easy to clean and hardly stain, they are a great choice for the kitchen. Roller burners can roll up fully, preventing them from becoming greasy or stained during food preparation and cooking.  

Double blinds are more luxurious yet practical as they allow more light and give better privacy control than regular blinds. 


Areas like the bathroom will work well with blinds as the room gets very humid, needing material that can withstand moisture. However, if you love the gentleness of the curtains, a small pair of sheer will work for your kitchen as well. 

Other areas like the home office require more details to determine which window treatment will work best. But since blinds are versatile, they will work for the home office perfectly. Apply the principles discussed above to any other room in your house.

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