Bathroom Remodels That Raise the Value of Your Home


Looking to sell your house or invest money on home improvements? Consider renovating your bathroom. Bathroom remodels guarantee increased value of your home. Most buyers look for bathrooms with a touch of luxury and full of energy. To add more value, you need to stand out make your bathroom a relaxation sanctuary not just a functional room. Small creative additions bring a remarkable difference. It is not just about updating features in your washroom. Sometimes you need to add extra bathrooms to your home. Fewer bathrooms in comparison to the size of the house can be a huge turn off to potential buyers. Here are some renovations you can do to increase the worth of your home. 

Update Bathroom Fixtures 

A bathroom should be pampering and inviting space to appeal to buyers. People buy a place they can visualise themselves in it. Outdated features can make your bathroom look old and dull. Consider adding new accessories like a second sink or change the tile designs. New tiles are a quick way to add style to your bathroom. If space allows, add a sink and a vanity cabinet in the mirror. A sink is a time saver in a house with one bathroom. Adding modern features go a long way in increasing the value of your home. 


Your bathroom should not be a dark space with limited lighting. Consider adding natural light to your bathroom by adding a window or skylights. Although plenty of light is necessary, it should also have a warm, cosy glow. You can install LED lights along the walls if the window is small. Mirrors reflect light, creating a bright room. 

Change Colour Scheme 

The colour scheme has a significant impact on the buyer’s decision. Finding a colour scheme that is everyone’s taste is hard. What you like differs from what your buyers want. Paint your bathroom in neutral colours. They will create a timeless look which buyers can envision themselves in it. You can add highlights with towels, curtains, and rugs. Neutral colours provide a clean space to work with. 

Update Your Shower 

Most people are moving from bathtubs to shower heads. You can create a shower oasis with multiple shower heads and bench seating. Having a glass shower enclosure improves the outlook and makes the washroom look spacious. If you still want to keep the bathtub consider a freestanding tub. The drop in tubs takes up too much space. Even though most people are skipping the bath, they are still crucial in improving the value of your house. 

Use Your Space 

A bathroom needs plenty of storage space. You need to be creative to come up with ways to store bathroom accessories. Make use of the cabinets and various trays to store items. You can install shelves near the ceiling or add racks to increase the floor space. Avoid congesting the room with many things it will look crowded and small. Having additional storage space can boost the value of your home. Always aim at creating more space when remodelling. 


To make your bathroom comfortable, make use of radiant in-floor heating to warm the cold floors. After a warm shower stepping onto a cold floor can dampen your mood. A heated floor is particularly useful during winter to avoid catching a cold. It makes showering a relaxing and comfortable experience. A heated towel rack is a great way to make your bathroom stand out. 

Fix Existing Problems 

If you are renovating your house to resell you need to carry out all the repairs. A bathroom with underlying issues will decrease the value of your home. No matter the effort you put in your renovations if it is broken you won’t get buyers. Damaged floorboards need repair, and you need good plumbing. 

You can carry out most of the renovations without spending a fortune. After remodelling, you can estimate the market value of your house. Use an instant online valuation tool to get the appraisal value of the home. Tools such as this by PPA are a fast way of finding out the amount your house can fetch in the market. It is important to remember that when renovating balance function with style.

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